We Succeeded at Killing a Boss

A little less than a month ago I wrote about my guild's attempts at killing a couple of unusual bosses. On the subject of the Ancient Threat world boss, I noted that while we had failed to kill it that night, we actually came pretty close by relying on a zerg tactic utilising guild ship summons, and that we were thinking about coming back and giving it another go on Imp side, whose nearest base is much closer to the boss's spawn point than it is for Republic players.

Well, last week we did just that and it worked! We did it with a group of 22 people and it took about ten minutes. It was still almost as much of a mess as last time, but at least we were somewhat more organised about the guild ship summons, which allowed us to achieve victory this time around. I uploaded a video of the fight too, where you can watch me do all kinds of stupid things such as hit heat venting cooldowns when I have no heat anyway (I'm used to the bar working the other way round on Republic side, okay?!) or just running around like a headless chicken while trying to get in range of the current tank without stepping into red circles. Maybe it'll help some other guild out there though!

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  1. Congratulations! :D

    As for the bar-sillyness, I always do the same... And I seem to always do the same regardless of the side I'm in - I try to vent on Trooper, I try to regain energy on BH... Put me in a situation with too many people and I start forgetting which side I'm on - it doesn't help that my prog group runs in the morning (for them, afternoon for us) and later there's a normally-16-man-fun run in one of the guilds we're in on impside in the afternoon (evening for us) in which around we have between 3-8 of my proggroup running as well... Now, I don't even play trooper on my prog (scoundrel heals, actually) but we quickly learnt that the best thing I do is come around in my Sin-dps because I seem to hit stupid when moving to Op-heals in the same day... (And I don't know the first thing about healing on trooper/merc, although I have done both on occasion... mostly by pushing buttons and hopping for the best, nothing of the finess in pre-planning hots and heals on scoundrel or organising a proc-leading-priority on Sage/Sorc... Mostly nobody died out of pvp, so, there's that.)


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