More Patchy Goodness

Yesterday was patch day, which made me realise that it's been two and a half months since the last medium-sized patch. Dang.

One feature that wasn't in the patch notes but that launched at the same time was that they finally turned on the Steam achievements that they promised us on launch. I was quite amused by the deluge of pop-ups that appeared when I first logged in after the patch... and slightly disappointed that I had actually been granted every single achievement instantly. I mean... I knew that they were going to be granted retroactively, which is definitely how it should be, but I'd been kind of hopeful that there might be something to aspire to in there. Guess not. /dramatic sigh

Anyway, let's talk about the actual patch notes! As usual, I'm not going through literally every single one (you can find the full list on the official site), but just highlighting some that stood out to me.

Double XP Event - Starting September 15th and lasting until October 13th, there will be a month-long Double XP event! Enjoy a full month of Double XP, Valor, and Renown.

I've expressed my disdain for double XP often enough at this point, but double Valor and Renown are definitely useful. I'm still working on some of the Renown rank-related achievements.

Uprisings - Rewards have been improved and added to all Uprising bosses comparable to Flashpoint rewards.

Oh look, another attempt to get players to care about uprisings. I have to admit, I read this and thought: "Huh, maybe I should go have a look at that some time", just to immediately forget about it again five seconds later. Maybe one day...

Effects granted by “On Use” Relics abilities are now removed when the Relic is unequipped.

Now this one wouldn't actually have caught my eye on its own, except that players were immediately complaining on the forums that this also affects the relics you can buy to deal with the rakghoul plague, meaning that they don't work like a reusable stim anymore. (You used to be able to just equip them, vaccinate yourself, and then unequip them again.) I agree that this change is a nuisance, but at the same time I can't claim that it's a big deal. It's not like the sort of content for which you'd want to be vaccinated is so cutting edge that a small loss in power in one gear slot would really put you at a serious advantage. Though I guess I wouldn't mind Bioware actually making an MK-4 version of the relic with stats appropriate for level 75.

The following self-healing defensive cooldowns no longer generate threat: [a list follows]

This just made me raise an eye-brow... why shouldn't cooldowns that result in you healing yourself generate threat when all healing does? Wonder if there was some sort of heal-tanking cheese going on that this change was meant to address.

The Jedi Guardian’s Force Leap Cooldown reduction from the “Battlefield Command” utility is now working correctly.

A guildie of mine notoriously complained about how bugged this was. I experienced the bug with Force Leap showing as off cooldown when it actually wasn't a few times myself but didn't actually connect the dots tracing it back to this utility; I just thought my game or connection was being laggy.

The following archived Biochem schematics are no longer available to craft: [a list follows]

Aw, why you take things away, Bioware? And most of all, why now? There was a time when these were being used to win at Conquest in silly ways, but that's kind of been obsoleted by the more recent Conquest changes anyway. Once again, I can only wonder what that was about.

The Eternal Empire Walker in Chapter VIII of Knights of the Eternal Throne no longer interrupts the abilities of the player’s walker.

I experienced this bug the last time I played through that chapter of KotET myself and it was annoying AF. At the time I wasn't even sure what was happening; I just knew that it was nigh impossible to get any ability off on my walker at all (and then I died).

Players are no longer blocked in the “Macrobinoculars: Heroic 4: The Shroud Revealed“ Mission as droids are now spawning after the turrets have been defeated.

Another big "thank god"! This mission has been notoriously buggy for a long time, but at least there were workarounds in the form of resetting the phase and such. However, a few months ago or so they seemingly stopped working, and the last time I tried to complete this mission with a group of guildies we eventually had to give up after countless phase resets and what not because we just couldn't get those damn droids to spawn. I hope it really has been fixed (I shouldn't have to say that, but Bioware has a bit of a thing for saying they fixed bugs but then it doesn't actually turn out to be true). I should get a group of guildies together again soon to find out for sure.

The Emperor Slot Machine no longer removes a Kingpin’s Casino Chip when a Cartel Market Certificate is won.

This one just amused me because this is a patch note for an annual event that ended a couple of weeks ago. I guess it was already in the pipeline and they just decided to deploy it anyway in anticipation of next year? Still a bit weird.

Did anything catch your eye in the latest patch notes?


  1. My guess for the cooldown thing is that it's possible you are at low health, use a defensive, then a bunch of mobs turn and kill you. Especially since SWTOR uses ranged mobs fairly often. Seems like a "feel-bad" moment where you think you'd have been better off not using the defensive and relying on the healer to heal you.

  2. Delfae @ Star Forge11 September 2020 at 12:38

    I'm kind of excited about the uprisings note, actually. I've never done uprisings, but my guildies tell me they're like faster mini-flashpoints? If the rewards really are comparable, maybe some of the Hammer Station spam will be redirected. (Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.)

    The Shroud thing caught my attention as well, although when I did it last week it went quite smoothly. RNG Bugs... Gotta love them.

  3. I've been paying a lot of attention to the pvp side of Swtor recently. The 'can't group to escape the deserter debuff any more' caught my eye. It's telling that I'd never have thought to try that. For me, if I have the debuff I just go do something else until it wears off. (The reactions to the debuff have amused me. It's like watching the behaviors a child who suddenly got told "No!". ^_^)

    1. "if I have the debuff"

      So you admit to quitting matches in progress, naughty! :P

      It does seem that the debuff has helped somewhat with the chain-quitters, as I'm seeing somewhat less of it now.

    2. Yes, there have been times when I've earned a few dark side points. ^_^ I probably shouldn't have queued for PvP in those cases. Hopefully I'm more of a laided-back PvPer these days and just roll with matches, even the bad ones.

  4. Patch notes said they sorted out balance issues in some KotET chapters. The walker section in Chapter VIII is now really easy. Finished it yesterday on MM, and it was much easier than on Vet in 5.0. Guessing they've toned down walker sections in other chapters.

  5. Definitely, I had the same reaction to the Nightlife one. I was just... wut?
    I'm real glad with the Guardian fix (haven't tried, but Im trusting it), and the walkers - it was honestly impossible.
    The uprising's thing... It may be useful to make me get the achievements of doing the 2nd set of Uprisings, most of those I never even walked into!


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