Victory on Yavin and Crafting Craziness

It's barely been a month since I got excited about my guild conquering Alderaan during Total Galactic War, and I didn't expect us to go for first place somewhere else any time soon, but at the start of last week things took an unexpected turn. We were just about to go for our usual large yield target again, when someone pointed out that the medium yield planet for the week, Yavin IV, didn't seem heavily contested. There were only one or two other big guilds going for it, and they looked like we should be able to beat them.

And just like that, Twin Suns Squadron ended up conquering a planet for the first time outside of Total Galactic War.

Of course, we acquired a secret super weapon a few months ago. Does it count as giving away trade secrets if I talk about this? Ah hell, I don't care - if you're reading this and you're from a competing guild, I'm both flattered that you actually ended up here and salute you for your dedication to researching the competition.

Anyway, when we absorbed another guild a few months ago, one of the new members we gained was someone to whom I shall simply refer as X. X loves Conquest and he loves to craft, two things which made for a very potent combination in the past. Less so since the Conquest revamp, but it still seems sometimes that surely he must be spending more time just logging in and out of alts to claim crafting credit for repeatable Conquest objectives and to queue up new items than doing anything else.

With how hard Bioware nerfed crafting for Conquest points, his effectiveness was greatly diminished, but he still regularly hits his personal target on more than a dozen characters per week (which is why I have to laugh when I see people moaning on the forums about how the new system made it "impossible" to do Conquest on more than one character). However, this week he showed us what he could still do, and it made me wonder whether Bioware still hasn't nerfed crafting enough.

Obviously we were all doing our best to secure victory, but X achieved nearly 1.5 million conquest points on his own (yes, we counted), most of which were accumulated by crafting war supplies. Now, war supplies only gave 300 points a pop last week, even with a maxed out stronghold bonus, so he basically had to craft several thousand of them across his legacy. With how much more expensive Bioware made this process as well, my mind still boggles at the sheer amount of materials he must have poured into this project. And he did admit afterwards that this wasn't something he would be able to do every week, as he needs to rebuild his stockpile again after going nuts like that. But still...

I am extremely grateful for his hard work and in awe of his dedication, but at the same time it seems a little wrong that this is still possible. Our next biggest contributors that week, none of whom went crafting crazy, only achieved about a tenth of X's score across their legacies. I guess we'll get to enjoy this advantage while it lasts and see about conquering a few more planets while we're at it.


  1. That guy sounds weird...and on an ego trip, probably. Can't see any other reason for such a monumental waste of time.

    1. That's a very unkind assessment of my guildie! I've never known him to be anything but friendly and helpful. I do find it weird that he's so into crafting for Conquest, but hey, who am I to judge? ;) Plus it's of huge benefit to the guild.

    2. I don't know...I.don't think you can trust someone like that. You should /gkick him just to be sure. I mean, just tempting through all your toons to keep crafting those prefabs? Jeez. I mean...get a life.

    3. Fortunately for him we don't manage the guild based on advice from random blog comments. :P

    4. Well, there's always room for improvement, right?

    5. Well, there always seems to be room for you to get more weird, to start insulting yourself in blog comments... :P

  2. Have to let the self-loathing vent somehow. ��


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