Pugging with Shintar is back!

When I finished up my Pugging with Shintar series last year, I already knew that I wanted to do a "season two" but I also felt that I needed a break and didn't want to get started on it until early 2018. That then got delayed first by me wanting to create a best-of video of season one, and then me getting stuck with a cold that I seemed to be unable to fully shake for several weeks. (Degree of illness aside, coughing and sniffling a lot does not make for the best recording voice.)

However, I'm finally feeling better, so when I found myself with a few hours of unallocated free time this weekend, I set out to get started at last. My plan for season two is to do some endgame pugging, so I started episode one with an operation:

As you'd probably expect, the episode ended up being pretty long even with more than half of the original recording edited out, but I guess that's the sort of video you can put on and watch on the side while doing dailies or whatever. (And I even put in the effort of making a custom thumbnail this time!)

Stay tuned to the YouTube channel for more (though I don't expect to create weekly episodes in this new format; pugging operations is too time-intensive for me to be able to reliably devote time to it every single weekend).


  1. Shintar I too have a house for unwanted and unloved grophets. Maybe could ya send some to Leena Snow.

    1. Ooh, I was about to send you some but then the mail system warned me that Leena Snow is an Imp! Not sure I can entrust vulnerable grophets to evil Sith. ;)

    2. I currently have 90 healthy Grophets living at Leena Snows house for unwanted and unloved grophets, we have many varieties as well. Also I’m not a Sith :)

    3. Or...I guess you could send them to a dangerous home that may cook or kill them. Your choice, grophets could die if you make the wrong choice.

    4. Oh alright then, I've passed a few of them on. :)

  2. Will Naked Anti-Bob reprise his role?

    If he is too expensive to hire, i can mail you some credits.


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