Best of Pugging with Shintar

Did you enjoy my Pugging with Shintar series? Did you like the concept but maybe weren't up to watching all the full 30min+ episodes? Or do you have no idea what I'm talking about? Either way you should watch this Best Of compilation because it contains all my favourite moments from six months of pugging and it's funny. You can tell that I worked hard on it because it's the first time ever that I bothered to create a custom thumbnail for one of my videos!

I actually meant to have this ready much earlier already, but then I decided that I should really re-watch all episodes in full to make sure that I didn't miss anything instead of purely relying on memory to find all the bits I wanted to include, and that ended up taking longer than I had hoped. But here we are now!

To give this post a bit more meat, let me also give you some random video statistics for the series so far:

Most viewed: The most viewed episode is Episode 1: Watching Cut Scenes in the Esseles with 152 views, which makes sense in so far as it's the first of the lot, so if anyone finds the title of the series intriguing that's where they'd start. Considering that there's a huge drop-off in views when you get to episode 2 however, I fear that not many viewers found it that convincing! (To be fair, it having been my first try, episode 1 wasn't that great. But things got better!)

Interestingly the episode with the second most views is the very last one, Episode 30: Pug Interrupted in Traitor Among the Chiss. I'm guessing this might have been due to me managing to release that one during the week when that flashpoint first came out, so people were interested in seeing what it was like in general.

Most liked: That would be Episode 26: Thinking About The Future in Assault on Tython with 9 people having given it at the thumbs-up, and to be honest I have no idea why! In my opinion that was one of the more boring episodes, with a fairly uneventful veteran mode run and me just speculating about what SWTOR might be doing with its (then) upcoming group finder revamp, and pretty much all of my guesses turned out to be wrong anyway. Do people just like hearing about that kind of stuff?

Most commented on: That would be Episode 11: Sentinel Silliness in Battle of Rishi, which got a whopping five comments, mostly by people expressing their love for Sentinels. That was also a really good episode in my opinion though, easily in my top five due to the funny group I had.


  1. I really enjoyed the series and watched them all. I think I originally found it via the Passionately Casual podcast who mentioned it in their community roundup segment one episode.

    My favorite episode was the Lost Island one mainly because it was Lost Island so nostalgia kicked in, plus I learned something new about the last fight. If I remember correctly it was also a bit of a struggle but you had a fun group who stuck at it and finally defeated the last boss.

    I also remember every week wondering if this will be the week of the Blood Hunt. When it finally happened I paused the video got a beer and watched it on my big monitor with no distractions.

    I definitely miss the series now it's over, hopefully Puggette will do one off specials when new flashpoints get added to the game.

    Thanks for making the series.

    Forz (aka TrigPt)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) I'm still planning on picking it up again; I had just wanted to complete putting together this compilation first, plus I need to finish getting over the cold I had recently and which has left my voice in a bit of a rough state lately.

  2. I actually have a link to the series, so I guess that indicates what I think of them. I'm just glad you made them, as I tinkered with video capture courtesy of the Radeon apps that came with the video card, and I was less than thrilled about how it looked during a run in Hammer Station. I had no idea that I play in such a.... herky jerky manner.


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