What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

On the day before the currently running double (C)XP event started, I hit Command rank 300 on my Operative. This made her my ninth character to reach that milestone, and the last class I needed for the Resolute Commander achievement (getting all eight base classes to 300).

It's funny to look back and think that a little over a year ago, something like that would have seemed like utter madness. Just getting even one character to Command rank 300 seemed like something that would take way too long for comfort. But the changes over the past year have really helped with making Galactic Command less of a grind and more fun. I wish we could have been at that point from the start and saved ourselves a lot of unpleasantness, but there's no point in wishing that the past had gone differently.

What's next? Probably levelling up yet again, this time my Juggernaut tank, for no other reason than that I enjoy playing her and she's not 300 yet. I've really embraced Command levelling as a sort of amusing goal of its own. It's not even about the gear, seeing how my play time on each character drops drastically once the numbers stop going up, and they are then mostly left in a mix of mid-level gear, depending on how kind or unkind the random drops have been to them.

It's really just more levelling, and seeing how ridiculously fast the base levelling game is these days, working on my "extra levels" has actually become a strangely decent substitute that I enjoy working on.

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