10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots and IntPiPoMo

Telwyn reminded me that IntPiPoMo is nearly among us again. What's IntPiPoMo? Click here to read the detailed explanation, but the short version is that it's a community challenge to post at least 50 pictures on your blog during the month of November. (IntPiPoMo stands for International Picture Posting Month.) I haven't taken part in it before but decided to do so this year because I've been looking for an excuse to do my 10 Days of SWTOR screenshots all year, and I do feel like I'm treading water for a bit until Knights of the Eternal Throne comes out at the end of November - not because there is nothing to do exactly, but because the many incoming changes make me feel like I don't know whether a lot of activities are really a good investment of my time right now.

So I will try to post all ten days of themed screenshots during the month of November, which should result in a post at least every other day, but more likely there will be times when I'll actually have a new post up every day, as I have other, "proper" posts planned as well (which may or may not contain extra images). We'll see how well I'll do with this temporarily crazy schedule, but it's worth a try!

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