Midbie PvP Joy

It's been a little while since I posted about doing lowbie PvP with Traitine, but we've actually settled into a sort of rhythm of meeting up for another stream once per month. I just didn't post a video about last time because even though the matches themselves were fun, I was worried about the videos maybe getting a bit samey. (Plus we also had some pretty bad luck that week, with the group queue suffering a bug that made queue times annoyingly long, and being unable to get the new warzone to pop even though Traitine really wanted to see it.)

However, there was no risk of samey-ness this month! With Bioware having enabled cross-region transfers recently, Traitine decided to move his level sixty gunslinger main to The Red Eclipse so we could invade what we so fondly call the "midbie" bracket (levels 40-64) together. We weren't alone this time either: Rav came along again, bringing her boyfriend Conrad with her, and I got two of my guildies to join in - incidentally, one of them was Calphaya, who also joined my guild after transferring to TRE recently. Illustrious company indeed!

It made me realise that it's literally been years since the last time I was in a PvP premade large enough to require an ops group. (Note that you can't queue an entire ops group at once, but if you're on voice chat together, it's easy enough to queue multiple groups simultaneously and chances of ending up in the same match are pretty good. We only ended up getting separated once.)

What happened to all those people I used to PvP with? Well, some of them stopped playing, others moved on to other guilds or even other servers that were more in line with their interests (our guild is primarily a PvE guild after all). Others simply PvPed less and less over time... and I can't judge, because I've been in that boat myself! It's just refreshing to be reminded of just how much fun it can be to group up with friends for this kind of thing. Unsurprisingly we didn't lose a single game this time.

On a side note, I also realised that we spend a pretty considerate amount of time during these play sessions judging people for silly names and bad fashion. It starts with a shoutout to Njessi at 6:04 (btw, I totally saw who they were talking about once I watched the video... dunno why I was that blind while actually playing) and then it just keeps going... horrible name (10:31), plain silly name (16:39). fashion-consciousness (17:08), ironic guild names (18:05), a moment of confusion until everyone realises that's an actual character's name (27:36), sideboob judgement (30:28), statement names (33:57), and finally the plain unoriginal (37:28).

In terms of actual warzones played, the RNG served up a surprisingly symmetric selection this time, with two Huttballs, two Civil Wars, two Hypergates (well, for those of us who got into the Hypergate instead of the arena) and two Odessens. (Finally Traitine got to see it!)

I'm already looking forward to next time.


  1. I may have to investigate PvP in the future because... sideboob cannot be tolerated!

    1. Sadly there is nothing you can do against sideboob on your own team.

  2. Really enjoyed watching this back, especially with the highlights so neatly called out with the time and everything!

    1. Before I ever made any videos of my own, I loved it when other people recorded stuff we did together so I could go: "Hey, that's me!" Add a couple of years and it becomes super nostalgic as well - such as this video of me and a couple of guildies playing Huttball in 2012. The old gear! Tiny health bars because I didn't bother changing my UI yet! People that stopped playing SWTOR ages ago! And so on and so forth.

    2. That's definitely true! It's a bit the same for me with screenshots. Sometimes I find a really ugly one from ages ago with the UI on (they are really rare though, I generally don't save them) and get super nostalgic over the people that were playing, our gear/looks etc. I should probably do more videos too, it's a great way of capturing time. I feel more casually involved with SWTOR, though, these days, now my tryhard Imp raid team has dissolved because of the lack of new content. I know that shouldn't matter, but somehow it makes me less inclined to spend time on things like this.

      Who knows, in a few years we'll look back at this video with rose-tinted nostalgia as well. I certainly we'll be able to do more PvP with this group, because I had such a great & cozy evening! Really, really enjoyed it. :)


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