Time For More PvP Fun

I'm late posting this because once again it took some time until I actually got around to editing, but Sunday a week ago I joined Traitine for some lowbie PvP on stream again and this time Ravanel was there too! We ended up in a lot of arenas and in multiple Huttball matches, with the indisputable highlight being an arena where we didn't get a fourth player and even though we all ran off in different directions at the start we still beat the enemy team of four. (Also, Traitine shared his secret for getting tens of thousands of Cartel Coins for free - apparently it's having your referral link up on a website that gets good traffic. Who'd have thought?)

This past weekend I also joined Rav, Conrad and their friend Marinka for some max-level PvP, which I hadn't done in a long time. Unsurprisingly, life at max level was a lot tougher and we didn't win nearly as many games, but being grouped with some other players who were both friendly and competent still made it fun even when we lost.

The biggest surprise for me however came shortly afterwards, when my pet tank asked me to do some PvP with him - and that after he had stayed clear of PvP for over a year! (I'd like to think that he must have felt inspired by seeing me having fun with Rav & Co. but to be truthful, his thought processes are often a mystery to me.)

I'm just pleased that PvP is once again there to fill the "content gap" when PvE is letting me down, as has often happened in the past. For all its faults, SWTOR's PvP is just incredibly solid. Now I'm looking forward to the release of the new warzone next week even more.


  1. PvP - bringing couples together!

  2. It was super much fun to PvP - we should do it again! The pet tank can come too; we may have a cookie cutter team then, but Rep L65 can use all the help it can get (man, those really were some tough matches). ^^

    1. Definitely need to do this again! Maybe this weekend or when the new warzone comes out... :)


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