More Lowbie PvP with Traitine

After more than a month I was finally able to join Traitine from Constant Warfare for some more lowbie PvP on his stream! We had another excellent run, winning six out of the seven warzones we played, and even though we lost at GSF once again, at least we didn't get completely steamrolled like last time. Also, after not seeing any arenas pop last time, we got no less than three this time!

In between, we discussed SWTOR trivia, mused on bad character names (2:24, 7:51, 18:07, 38:16) and even saw the Republic Fleet get "invaded" (19:51). Check out my 41 minute edit of the whole evening below:


  1. I had no idea you participated in streams (must've missed the first time), but it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Awesome. :D

    1. I don't usually, but Traitine asked me join him back in January and it was quite fun, so I was happy to do so again. I posted about the first time here.


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