Agent Shintar Continues

I haven't written about my little agent on the Progenitor in a few weeks because I've been distracted by other things, but I haven't forgotten about her. She's now level 28 and has so far completed her class story on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa.

I still don't miss being rich and having a huge legacy. In fact, I got super excited when I dinged legacy level two today! The only thing I do miss sometimes is faster movement, specifically having rocket boots and my higher-level Scoundrel and Operative's ability to roll. That's just a small thing though.

I'm sadly terrible at taking the story in new and exciting directions; sometimes it feels like all my characters are doomed to have boring middle-of-the-road personalities. I remember reading somewhere that you could take your fellow agent on Balmorra out for a date if you flirted with him enough, but I didn't want to start with a flirt option the very first moment I met him... and then the opportunity never came up again. On Nar Shaddaa, I wanted to see what happens when you actually threaten the former executive in the casino with poison (I seduced him last time), but then I somehow managed to miss the chance to actually use the poison, and we had a really boring and civil conversation instead. The one thing I managed to do differently was that I let Watcher X get away! I wonder what sort of consequences that will have on certain developments in chapter two, where I distinctly remember exclaiming "But you're dead!" on my first agent...

The mission on Nar Shaddaa where you disguise yourself as a droid was ridiculously fun and I spent more time spamming emotes than actually doing the quest. I don't remember if the droid disguise was always capable of executing all the emotes or if I just never tried the first time around, but it sure is fun now.

I feel so pretty, Kaliyo! Don't you agree?

You don't? Well, you might regret saying that!

 I believe I can flyyy...

Or maybe I'll just do a handstand.

Interestingly, the epic story XP boost doesn't seem to actually result in me levelling much faster. It means that I do fewer quests, but I still end up doing other things that "waste time" (which is to say they grant limited or no XP) because I don't enjoy ignoring the world around me. So I drive around to uncover all parts of the map, pick up datacrons, gather materials and craft.

I did the introductory Soovada quest but didn't win anything with my five free chips. The casino seemed pretty abandoned. I'm guessing that the event isn't nearly as interesting to people this time around (to be honest, I didn't think it was all that last year either)... or maybe it's just another Progenitor thing.

I also did a henchman mission for Bounty Contract week. I found myself kind of intrigued by that event again... on the Red Eclipse, I got all the achievements for it during its first iteration (before Bioware imposed additional limits on how many quests you can do each week) and then I felt so burnt out that I basically never bothered with it again. Restarting with a blank slate, it feels like I could actually become interested in it again, dabbling in the content on a more casual basis.

I don't think I ever took a close look at the interrogation probe animations before... it's quite fun to watch them poke people.

I've also been doing some more PvP and have been trying to sell more furniture bought with warzone commendations for some extra cash. It's less appealing than it used to be though, since the new (crazy) warzone commendation cap of two hundred thousand makes it quite viable to just save up loads of comms while levelling and then spend them on a full max level set when you get there. We'll see. I'll probably take a break from PvP for a few levels once I hit thirty, because it's not nearly as fun to be at the bottom of the level bracket than it is to be at the top. Though I feel pretty damn powerful anyway. I mean, I just got my AoE heal two levels ago, the one that used to be the top level talent for healing Operatives. It's pretty bonkers.


  1. That droid quest *is* hilarious. I did the same, trying out various emotes, when I did that on my sniper.

  2. I only wished they allowed us to keep that outfit other wise. I had the droid running with HK knocking out assassinate with other NPCs while the other players were going "HUH?, wtf did I just see", lol

    1. Oh, it stays with you if you run out of the phase without completing the mission? That sounds like good fun!

  3. That disguise was awesome! I had a really fun time with the Legacy Rocket Boots too!!


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