Day 2: Class Stories

This is the second post in my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots challenge. Click on any screenshot to see a larger version.

Last time I posted this challenge, the game had only been out for about six months and I had only completed two class stories, so those two were all I had pictures of (plus the print screen bug caused me to miss out on a lot of great moments). By now I've seen all the different class stories, so any recent screenshots come from alts on which I'm replaying them for the second or third time. This has the nice side effect that I know exactly when some of the best moments are about to happen, and thanks to Fraps I can actually capture them.

Many people seem to agree that the Jedi consular story doesn't really get interesting until it gets to Chapter 2. While I honestly liked all three chapters during my first playthrough, Balmorra was certainly the planet where I first remember thinking: "Wow, this is cool." Part of this was thanks to Zenith, a companion whom I really like, and part of it was due to the fact that you get to face off against Darth Lachris, a key NPC from the main storyline on Imperial Balmorra. This really drives home the point that the class stories aren't just independent events that happen in closed off phases, but that they all tie into an overarching "world plot".

Somewhat random, but I really like it when our characters make angry faces in cut scenes, I don't know why. I think it highlights just how expressive they are compared to the in-game cut scenes you see in most other MMOs. (This is my Cathar Sith warrior by the way, also on Balmorra if I recall correctly.)

Here's my Vanguard alt meeting Captain Cormac on Alderaan. This guy is still my number one NPC that I wanted to be a companion. Honestly, I would trade him for Tanno Vik any day.

This is a little Sentinel alt of mine that is still only level 11 or so, but I had to include this screenshot because - forging your own lightsaber! Honestly, on either Jedi class this is such a cool moment. It just sucks if you're a consular and pick Shadow as your advanced class, which means that you have to replace your carefully forged saber with a random green from a goodie bag the moment you get to the fleet. Or if you're simply a noob and don't understand the modding system, you may not realise that you can actually keep that lightsaber forever. (I know that on my first character it took me some time to figure that out.)

I've said before that the Sith inquisitor is not one of my favourite class stories, but even so I'll concede that it certainly has some damn cinematic moments that make for great screenshots - such as this one.

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