10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots Strike Back

Back in 2012, I ran a series of posts called "10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots". I think I was kind of hoping that it would turn into a meme, but nobody else picked it up so in the end it was just a random thing I did. Either way it was also an opportunity for me to post some screenshots and talk about them, which was relevant because at the time I struggled to find excuses to insert images into my posts, which left my main page looking a bit bare at times.

Since then I've obviously become better at spicing things up with the occasional picture, but I still end up taking a lot of screenshots that I then never end up using for anything, which is why I've been thinking about giving 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots another run. I've finally decided to go ahead with it - also because I'm in the process of moving house and I fear that I won't be able to keep up with the game and writing about it as well as I usually do. Posts with just a couple of screenshots and a little story in them are easy to write and should provide a bit of a buffer for the blog while I may not find as much time to play and come up with good post ideas.

Mostly I've decided to stick with the themes I used for the original 10 Days series, except for two:

Day 1: Bugs
This may be a slightly strange one to start off on, but as I wrote back in 2012: "Let's start the challenge off the same way the game started off: somewhat buggy."

Day 2: Class Stories
Share one or more screenshots of your class story, preferably without massive spoilers.

Day 3: Companions & Pets
Show us your favourite minion(s) doing what they usually do. This used to be just "companions" but I decided to add pets because... why not? They've become a lot more common since early 2012. (Anyone remember my post about Stevie the sandcrawler?)

Day 4: Missions & Conversations
This was actually kind of tricky in 2012 because I missed out on a lot of good screenshots due to SWTOR's unending issues with the Print Screen button. Basically this day is dedicated to those cool cut scenes we just can't get enough of (except when we do and hit the space bar).

Day 5: NPCs
This used to be "gear" but looking at my screenshot folder, I couldn't find a single picture from the past year that featured gear in an interesting way. Alas, I'm no Njessi (who is still being missed). Instead I went with something else of which I have a lot of screenshots and which didn't have its own category before: SWTOR's myriad of interesting NPCs. Tell us about some that you love... or love to hate - and why!

Day 6: Environments
Picture(s) from your favourite planet or maybe a neat little corner somewhere that most people overlook but that you think is interesting.

Day 7: Team
Like most MMOs, SWTOR is the most fun in a group! Show us your team, however you define that term in this game.

Day 8: Memorable Moments
A challenge you were proud to overcome, or something that really impressed or entertained you.

Day 9: Silly
The previous days might have contained some silly screenshots already, but since you can never have too many silly screenshots, this is the day to fit in any remaining ones that didn't go with previous themes!

Day 10: Death
What better way to end this series than with screenshots of interesting deaths?

Note that this doesn't mean that my next ten posts will all be about this series. I'll probably post about other things in-between, depending on how the mood strikes me.


  1. I like this idea, but I'm horrible at following challenges. Screenshots often already inspire blog posts for me, and I feel caged when I make such a planning for myself. It kills my creativity.

    That said, I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with. :)

    Good luck with moving!

  2. You know, I don't think I was playing SWTOR at the time you did your "10 Days".

    I'd probably expand it to more than just SWTOR --because I'm weird like that-- but we'll see.



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