Listen to my guildie on TOROCast!

The latest episode of TOROCast (#205) is out, and I feel that I have to give it a bit of a plug... because it has one of my guildies in it! I am of course talking about their guest Macewindy. It was rather funny when he told me about having been invited to TOROCast due to his interim class rep position, and all I could think of was: "We have a class rep in the guild?" As he says on the show, he kind of came into the role accidentally.

They interviewed him about a lot of Gunslinger/Sniper stuff which I have no clue about, but I'm still chuffed about it. I know someone who's internet famous now!

I also got a good chuckle out of the first couple of minutes of the show, when Mace's introduction caused them to muse on deep subjects such as whether it means anything that the Expanded Universe and the European Union share initials.

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  1. Gunslinger <3. Even though I don't play my first toon much, I still love the Gunslinger.


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