Another Achievement Ticked Off

This Saturday I finally got something that I've been after for a long time: the Avalanche Heavy Tank from EC NiM.

In my opinion it's still one of the cooler mounts in the game, and pretty much perfect for a trooper. Too bad it only gives you a 90% movement increase, but I'm never really in enough of a hurry for that to matter.

I think I've finally got everything I could possibly want from Explosive Conflict: all the achievements (including the "survived" ones), the Praxon mount from Kephess, the tank... well, I suppose I don't have the Praxon variety that drops on hardmode (because why do hardmode when you could do NiM instead and also get a shot at the tank) or the Qyzen Fess customisation. But I don't care nearly as much about any of those as I did about the tank.

Now to wait for Bioware to add some sort of amazing housing drop to Denova when Galactic Strongholds launches, giving us yet another reason to run this over two-year-old operation over and over again...


  1. I imagine if you put those gigantic gun mounts on my Aratech rose, it might slow that one down to 90%!

    Congrats Shin!!

    1. Thanks, I really like this one. :)

    2. Congrats! That's one mount I'll probably never have, but it I one of the nicest for sure.


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