No April Fools?

I was really looking forward to seeing what Bioware would come up with for April Fools' Day this year - but so far nothing has gone up on the site. Even considering the time zone differences, I would have expected something to have shown up by now. I'd be a little disappointed if they decided not to bother this year. While not really important, April Fools' jokes seem to have become a tradition among MMO developers, not to mention that they present a nice opportunity to remind both players and devs not to take everything about their game too seriously all the time.

2012's Ship Droid Experience is still a classic, and when I went back to re-watch the little videos they released for it, they made me chuckle even now.

Last year's Dance of the Hutts was a bit more subdued, offering no promotional videos or anything, but just seeing those screenshots of characters on their Hutt mounts again still made me smile.

A Google search for "swtor april fools" even brings up results from 2011, before the game was even released - and while I'm not sure whether this actually came from official channels at the time or was just a fan-made thing, seeing random characters converse in the Wookiee language is certainly humorous.

We'll see whether they'll still come up with anything for 2014...

EDIT: They did add something after all, yippee! "Become part of the battlefield with the newest Ship Role: The Asteroid"


  1. They did post this on their Facebook page...

    1. Yeah, I did add an edit to link to the article on the homepage about that once it came out (which was evening for me). :)

  2. A nice play on a rant I read a while back, when Starfighter had just released, about how OP those pesky asteroids are... :)

  3. Oh ye of little faith.... ;-)


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