300 Posts!

Welcome to my 300th post on this blog! In what is starting to become a tradition, I used this occasion to have a look at Google Analytics to find out what sort of search terms brought people to this blog.

First off, there's the usual lot of people looking for a different kind of "going commando", including the lovely: is going commando an offence in north carolina? It did seem to me that there were slightly fewer of these than usual though. Is Google finally getting the hint that this isn't that kind of site? Then again, I haven't exactly kept count, so a reduction in that kind of traffic might very well just be wishful thinking on my part.

There are also still loads of people coming to this site looking for information on how to find a group in SWTOR. I've previously expressed confusion about this (because surely the group finder has made finding groups easy enough?) but looking at some of the more recent searches I'm starting to see the issue, as people ask questions like how do I get eternity vault in group finder or how to get groups for heroic missions - questions to which the answers are not exactly obvious. I think I'll have to write a guide about this some time, if for no other reason than so that someone can find something useful on here - unlike all the people who get sent here after doing searches such as swtor seeker droid dig sites, taris hk part coordinates or questions about level 55 hardmode flashpoints.

Random Q&A time!

swtor where to buy battlemaster schematics - This one came up surprisingly often. As of right now (patch 2.7) they are not available in game anymore, as they were removed back in 1.6. You'll just have to buy the crafted gear from someone else or hope that Bioware re-releases the armour model of your choice in some other fashion, just like they've done with the consular Battlemaster gear recently, which has made a re-appearance as a reward for running the new Forged Alliances flashpoints.

are the new czerka hardmodes really hard - Not very, but the first and second boss in Core Meltdown can be challenging to heal if your group doesn't execute the tactics correctly or your gear isn't so great.

did they fix the swtor problem with the commando trooper for pvp - Uh, you'll have to be more specific than that...

how to kill red and blue creat\ures on czerka corporate labs - On story mode, the blue ones will simply pull the red ones close after a few seconds, then they'll both explode. On hardmode, you need to do some damage to the blue ones before they use their "chemical attraction" move. You can't interrupt the red creatures' casting, however they can be crowd controlled and stunned to reduce their outgoing damage until the blue ones blow them up.

should I still play swtor? - I can understand people asking whether they should play SWTOR again, curious about what may have changed in their absence, but this one just has me confused. Are you having fun? If so, why shouldn't you continue playing? If not, what sort of reasons do you expect the internet to give you to keep playing anyway?

swtor bad dps - I wonder, did they want to know what qualifies as bad dps or were they looking for stories about bad dps?

swtor why does the male agent get 2 romance options but the female agent only gets one - Same reason the male smuggler gets two while the female only gets one and the male warrior gets two while the female only gets one: sexism. While Bioware is generally pretty good about gender equality, they are sadly not completely immune to showing bias when it comes to production values.

who likes galactic starfighter - The hosts of OotiniCast seem to be pretty fond of it...

Random bits of opinion:

galactic starfighter is hard - I hear you, man.
gree event boring fluff swtor - Don't hate on the Gree, man!
meh arena - That's what I said.
pointless gree event - What is it with hating on the Gree?
swtor idiots who haven't played kotor - As someone who hasn't played either of the KOTOR games, I take offense to that.

Why are you telling Google about this?

I did the esseles by myself - Good for you? It's not that hard.
im a sith warrior - Okay?
u cant see me face - I don't think I'd want to...

Still getting traffic from searches for games I don't play (anymore):

bioshock 2 crashes to desktop bcdedit
ffxiv arr hide helm
guild wars 2 crash to desktop
neverwinter online slayer achievement
tsw pvp
why is lotro crashing and quitting to the desktop
wow dbm comandos -
This is why spelling matters...

Just random:

funny image made from lasers
greetings from another planet
jgffdi - Why would that lead people to my blog?
men need to look vaguely presentable

And on that utterly confusing note... to the next one hundred posts!


  1. Congrats on the post milestone!

  2. Nice milestone. I wonder how many people find your blog like I did, searching for some bits of advise on how to better play their commandos.

    1. I'm surprised people finding it that way stick around, considering how little actually useful information I have to share about how to play. :P


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