The Tiniest Tank

The Powertech/Operative duo has hit a bit of a snag. We're level 51 and just finished Belsavis, but Pet Tank has been moaning at me about how tedious it was all the way home. It's only been about two months since we did this content on our inquisitors, and as enthused as we both are about levelling together, there is a limit to how often and how quickly we can repeat content without getting bored.

To mix things up, we decided to roll up some new Republic alts, as it's been about half a year since we really did anything on that side of the fence. Consulars this time, and I'm tanking again... because clearly that's been going so well...? Actually, the truth is that I simply wanted to have a Shadow because it's the one advanced class that I've never played in either of its incarnations and I really wanted to see what it's like.

She's also a Cathar, because I wanted one, and because the idea of a tiny kitty (she's the smallest body type) throwing herself at the enemy face-first amuses me greatly. I can heartily recommend rolling up a cat person for the sheer comedy value, even if my healer's constant urges to love, hug and pet the kitty (he hasn't tried to call me George yet) undermine my authority as a tank to some extent.

Gameplay-wise I'm surprised by how quickly the Shadow has been growing on me. At first I thought that some of their combat animations looked a little odd, but I got used to them very fast and now I actually think that they look very nice. There is also just something very cool about being a tank with stealth. It reminds me of the good times I had tanking on my druid in WoW - especially since I'm also a cat again.

To mix things up we've also been breaking up the questing with the occasional round of lowbie PvP. I remember trying PvP tanking as a Powertech once or twice and not being massively enthused by it, but as a Shadow it's actually oodles of fun! I enjoy bursting out of the shadows to attack unsuspecting assailants who thought that this particular healer was on his own, and cackle with mad glee when I get three people to focus on me instead of preventing a turret cap right next to them. Yes, keep attacking the tank, you fools! And don't mind the healer at the back either! Mwahahaha!

Ahem. There we go with the tanking-induced insanity again...

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