Progression Continues

After killing Dread Master Styrak on hardmode a month ago, my operation team's progress floundered a bit. We didn't really want to jump into nightmare modes right away, and a couple of people went away on holidays, as always happens around this time of year. We found some friends of friends to help us out and fill the gaps in our roster, but while we appreciated their assistance, it didn't work all that well to be honest.

We've grown a lot as a team over the last couple of months, but as a side effect of this our success is more than ever dependent on actually playing with the same people week after week. Add pretty much any unknowns to the mix, be it a new person or someone playing on an alt in a different role and things start to go haywire. Whether it's taunts, dps or heals not landing exactly as they usually do, it's always enough to throw someone off their game. We're kind of like a well-oiled machine, but not very good at adjusting.

This week we finally got the whole gang back together and took our first tentative steps into Terror from Beyond nightmare. After about a dozen wipes or so we got the Writhing Horror down; then we switched back to hard and breezed through the rest of the operation at top speed before it got too late.

I kind of feel like "way too happy to be wiping (on trash)" should be our group's unofficial motto or something. Not that we're always quite this bouncy - we have our off days too - but on the whole things are generally good-natured. We have a good mix of people who push us towards progress and more mellow characters to keep up the good cheer.

I'm curious to see how well we'll progress in nightmare TfB and Scum. I have to admit I'm not terribly fussed about it, as for me hard is actually enough of a challenge most of the time and I don't particularly feel like I absolutely have to do it all over again with even more hitpoints and damage. However, on the other hand I absolutely enjoy the company and as such I do like that there is always something more for us to strive for, even if I personally might not achieve complete success and see everything while the content is current. Makes it feel like there is always something to do and prevents feelings of "having beaten the game" and boredom.

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