I Should Be So Lucky

I often feel that SWTOR doesn't get enough credit for its open world content. I would never claim that it's the game's main selling point or that other MMOs don't offer more in that area, but if you listen to some people you would think that there is absolutely no reason for you to simply explore and enjoy the game's environments... but there is!

As an example of this, I really love all the named champion mobs that are scattered around the world. Often they won't drop anything interesting and only very few of them will give you a codex entry, but to me it's interesting enough just to find them. Why is this guy so much stronger than all the other mobs around him? Does his name tell me anything interesting? Am I strong enough to take him down on my own? There's just something intriguing about these mobs, and many of them offer a good challenge if you fight them at level.

Last night Pet Tank and I were making our way to Corellia to work on the main quest line that introduces the Seeker Droid mechanic. We were supposed to search Coronet Zoo, which had undergone some visible changes with the 2.0 patch - the most surprising of which was the fact that a ginormous rancor with the unassuming name "Lucky" was ambling around the area now. We weren't quite sure how to classify him. We hadn't heard anything about there being any new world bosses on Corellia, but he had over seven million hitpoints - more than many operations bosses - so he wasn't clearly just another champion mob.

Figuring that we were pretty invincible as a tank/healer duo (/cough), we attacked. We shaved off about 200k of his health (less than three percent) before he managed to flatten us. We were promptly rewarded for our failure by receiving a new codex entry and title: "Unlucky". Hah!

That immediately raised an obvious question of course: if we did manage to kill him, would that make us "Lucky"? The notion was proposed to other guildies who were online at the time, and they too were interested in finding out.

It took a while to get everyone together, but in the end we formed an ops group consisting of eleven people and took him down. Having a full group made the fight a lot easier, though it also helped that he seemed to be a bit buggy, which meant that some of his attacks turned into random raid warnings that read like error messages instead of actually doing any damage:

[damage] [caster=2397000097892] [target=4611686685367674842] [prim
=target] indeed...

The fight took something like ten minutes and was actually pretty boring in terms of mechanics. Personally I was still really happy to have been there though, because for me it was all about the experience of discovering this boss unexpectedly and then finding that there was more to him than met the eye.

He didn't drop anything too exciting, but we did all get "Lucky".

And now that I've written this post, with that title, I wish that I had thought of recording the fight and then making a video out of it to the tune of this song.


  1. The extra fun is he actually spams that big red text to everyone on the planet while you're engaging him. I was wondering whether I had bugged out a quest somehow on my Agent (who was wrapping up Chapter 3 on the planet at the time).

  2. Grats on the kill! You're very right about the quality of the open world being oft ignored. Playing again yesterday for the first time in a long while I did a fair amount of gazing around Tython just looking at the beautiful landscapes again. Haven't been there since I started my Consular at launch so it was very heavy with remembered adventures...

  3. And here I thought you were going to link to the old Emerson, Lake and Palmer tune "Lucky Man". ;-)

    Grats on the kill!

  4. Grats.

    You're absolutely right about the exploration part of the game being underestimated. Poking around and trying to solo odd stuff remains a source of joy for me, too.

  5. I guess I see it from the 'glass half empty' perspective - there isn't quite enough serendipity and randomness in the world. I do enjoy the oddly placed champion challenge, but I can't recall a time when I was genuinely surprised by something in the open world. I like the random unguarded chests on Balmorra I found though.

  6. Today I was wondering about whether Lucky existed in a non-dread corrupted form before the seeker droid quests were released, and after a bit of thought I realized you probably had a record of it. All I had to do was type "lucky" into the search bar and this popped up! Thank you for keeping a blog for so many years, so that I can do stuff like this.

    1. Glad you found this educational! :D

      And sorry that your comment was stuck in moderation for a few days, I had to temporarily turn that feature on for older posts as I was getting an annoying amount of attention from a particularly unsavoury spammer...


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