Novare Coast Forever!

I encountered a most amusing bug today. I was running warzones with a guildie and we got into a game of Novare Coast. We were kicking the Imps' butts quite thoroughly, and soon we had brought their bunker down to zero while ours was still at a hundred percent.

I had just died and respawned at our base when I found myself unable to leave. We all waited for the scoreboard to pop up, but nothing happened. The rest of our team gradually died and respawned as well, while a couple of Imps were still running loose outside. They went over to one of our now undefended emplacements and capped it, but since their bunker had already been taken down, the guns weren't firing anymore.

However, the game also refused to end properly - everyone could still move around and act as normal, except that we were trapped inside our bunker after dying because the force fields weren't going down anymore. Eventually some people got bored and quit the game manually, but my friend and I decided to wait around for a little while to see whether the issue would resolve itself somehow and if we would still get credit for the win.

More and more people left, but somehow the game was convinced that the match was still ongoing and kept replacing players at a rate that I could only dream of when people drop out of an actual game in progress. The new people didn't know what was going on and mostly thought that they had been dropped into a fresh game, until they eventually noticed that both the enemy bunker and the countdown were on zero and that nothing was happening.

At first I explained to a couple of them what was going on, but as new players kept coming and going continuously, I quickly grew tired of repeating myself and simply left them to wallow in their confusion. I got a chuckle out of seeing some people leave and rejoin several times in a row.

I opened a ticket in hopes of still getting credit for the game, but it didn't look like any customer service representatives were online and immediately available. The warzone shutdown sequence was initiated and aborted several dozen times. We could only guess at what must have been going on in the Imperial bunker.

Half an hour later, after a lot of jumping around the bunker and giggling at the silliness of it all, my guildie threw in the towel and went to bed. For a brief moment we were down to only two players on our team, and I was wondering whether the warzone shutdown sequence would finally complete... but within seconds we were up to seven again. D'oh.

Eventually I started chatting to one guy who had left and rejoined three times already and he suggested that me hanging around might be part of what prevented the game from shutting down properly by now. While I hadn't yet grown tired of watching the situation unfold, I didn't want to risk inadvertently ruining other people's play, so I left. When I found myself back on the fleet however, I was still a member of the warzone ops group and I could see no option to leave.

I took what I thought was the next logical step and relogged, and when I came back a few minutes later, things finally appeared to have sorted themselves out as I wasn't part of a group anymore. However, the guy that I had been talking to immediately whispered me to say that I still showed up as a member of the warzone group for them and that they weren't able to kick me either. I put myself in the queue again and got put back into the bugged game. At this point I broke out into slightly maniacal laughter. My very own warzone! Just like Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave! This time I didn't appear to be a member of the ops group though, and the other guy whispered me once again to say that I'd finally been removed from the group. I left the warzone again, successfully this time, and when I rejoined the queue I got put into a Huttball game. Phew.

About an hour after that match of Novare Coast had ended for the first time, I did a /who Novare and saw no more level fifties in there. At last! I thought it was quite a funny experience though.

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  1. Hahaha. This one wins the label "Most Memorable" for sure! xD


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