Shintar's Galactic Seasons Diary, Week 8

Day 1:

Got GSF and flashpoints as my weeklies and re-rolled flashpoints into ops. My dailies were generic killing in Hutt Space, and killing 75 insectoids on Voss. I re-rolled the latter, naturally, but it just transformed into insectoids on Ossus instead. I mean: yes, that's better, but still not great. At least the two dailies went well together. I went to Ossus on my Guardian and picked up five daily missions in bug-infested areas, did those, and then ran around killing some extra Geonosians since the quests only got the counter to about halfway. Both objectives completed at the same time.

Day 2:

I did a bit of a double take when I saw that my dailies were generic mob killing in Hutt Space and to do three GSI dailies on Makeb. Looking back at my Seasons diary, I've only had the latter objective once before, back in week three, which was also focused on Hutt Space. I don't know why they don't have these as options during other weeks; after all, GSI dailies exist on a number of planets. Or maybe the objectives also exist and I've just not seen them outside this one week? I assume they only have a chance to show up if your first daily login is on a character that actually has a seeker droid and macrobinculars, hmm...

Anyway, I quite appreciated this change of pace and took my Vanguard tank to Makeb to do some GSI dailies there, expecting the associated mob killing to come naturally. I tried to pick the "opposing set" to the missions I took last time to keep things varied. It was a chill enough time, though I have to say the macrobinocular quests pretty much always work out to be the better deal. The seeker droid ones always sound really appealing on paper, technically requiring zero combat and all, but then the things to dig up are so hard to find that you have to do three rounds of the map and things end up taking forever anyway.

Day 3:

Insectoids on Ossus and Voss for both my dailies, are you freaking kidding me? Naturally I re-rolled the Voss one and got GSF instead. In the match I played, a guildie of mine on the enemy team killed me over and over and we lost. I feel like I'm just losing these all the time, but I don't know if that's just in my head. I'll have to do a tally at the end of the Season to figure out the actual numbers.

For Ossus I did another round of five dailies on my Guardian. Since I knew from day one that I'd have to kill extras, I tried to do so, but probably because it was earlier in the evening it was actually quite busy, I struggled to find any mobs at all in places. So I then did another round of five dailies on my Sage, and both together did get me my mob tally quite comfortably.

Day 4:

Generic mob killing and Voss insectoids again. I re-rolled the latter and it turned into Ossus insectoids instead, so it was off to Ossus for another combo deal of doing five dailies each on two characters. For the second round I chose an Imp this time. It's a good thing I love Ossus as much as I do or I probably would've got a bit annoyed by all this repetition.

Day 5:

For the third day in a row, the game tried to send me to Voss to kill insectoids, and for the third day in a row I re-rolled it, this time into Ossus dailies. This was nice as I could just do the second half of the weekly on my Marauder without worrying about mob kills.

My other daily was Galactic Starfighter, which ended up being a domination match that was a decisive win for my team. Looking at the scoreboard at the end, it appeared to have been really unbalanced in our favour, with a lot of proper aces on my side.

Day 6:

This time my dailies were GSF and Ossus insectoids. The latter made me think hard since I didn't really want to go to Ossus for the fourth day in a row, but re-rolling could potentially result in Voss insectoids instead... in the end I decided to risk it and fortunately the die landed on "play a warzone" instead.

The GSF match was another disastrous loss during which I suffered my first death before my team had scored even a single point, but it was still decent fun. I played the regular PvP match on my Shadow in the levelling bracket and got into an Ancient Hypergates, which ended up being a very close loss. It was a good game though - we seemed to be hopelessly outmatched in the actual fights but me and another Shadow did the brunt of the point scoring for our team - sadly it just wasn't quite enough.

Day 7:

My last two dailies for the week were GSF and the killing of generic mobs in Hutt Space, both of which I was fine with. The GSF match also completed the associated weekly - just in time. It was another match where I got shot down by a guildie and we lost horribly. More annoyingly though, I had really bad lag again. There was one point where I hit the speed boost on my way to a satellite, then let go because I wanted to stop, but the ship just kept going on and on and on, shooting right past the satellite and into space because I couldn't make it stop. I just about managed to turn around but got killed right afterwards anyway (unsurprisingly).

This was also the day when I got my second weekly done, by running Scum and Villainy story mode with my guild. I don't think I've ever left both weekly objectives until so late in the week. Finally I completed the mob killing daily by doing a couple of quests on Quesh on my evil Juggernaut.

Week 8 thoughts:

I don't think I've explicitly said it before, but I don't actually care that much about any of the rewards from Seasons, I just enjoy filling the bars. I won't say no to another free companion, but truth be told I have more than enough of them already. Likewise, all the old rewards now available on the vendor are irrelevant to me since I was already playing when they were given out the first time. About the most interesting thing I thought were the two new fleet apartments - while I have more empty strongholds than decorated ones, they at least have some novelty value.

I realised this week that I had earned my eighth token, meaning that I had enough to buy one of the two strongholds. (The way it's designed you can only buy one per Season.) I meant to buy the Republic one but was tired when I talked to the vendor and so ended up buying the Imperial one by accident instead. D'oh! Oh well, I guess I was planning to eventually get them both anyway. Now it's just the Republic one that will have to wait until the next Season.


  1. You know, I like the random cartel packs and ofc the cartel coins (as I never got into refer a friend scheme). The random cartel packs normally don't offer anything incredible, but it's a nice variety of stuff you don't see much.

    I also took the opportunity to actually buy HK's jetpack (I subscribed 1 week to late for that) & Makeb Gazebo. Honestly, I'd have done all of it just for Gazebos. I love that Gazebo. My Alderaan SH really needs it. :D

    1. "i like the random cartel packs"

      I never understood, why they are so cheap with their rewards. I get it, you start slow with bronze items. But no gold pack or a platinum item at the end? Just silver.

      I got bronze items that were basically worth nothing. Conquest with two 5k credit tokens gave me more value.

      At least the subscriber track should have had at least a gold item in it.

    2. I can think of two reasons off the top of my head:
      A) they don't want to complete with the cartel market (call this the cynical reason)
      B) they don't want players to feel like (or complain about) having to complete a season in order to get a gold or platinum item. This keeps the seasons more of a carrot than a stick.

  2. I think that giving us a companion at level one is really nice, since earnable companions normally require doing something difficult or time intensive. Theming the whole season around that companion would be really cool... if they hadn't made the Altuur kind of boring. I'm hoping for someone more interesting next season--a Voss or a Scion or, if I get very lucky, a Mandalorian. (I need more Mandalorian decos for a stronghold. The next Galactic Season and the next season of the Mandalorian overlap, so I have hope.)

    Or even just someone like Phrojo Nuray, who has a cool leg and fun voice lines, if you read the translations. Even the unnamed Gamorrean Bodyguard has more interesting barks than Altuur.

    The *very* generous cartel coins on the subscriber track are definitely the highlight of the rewards, especially because you can finish the whole track f2p and then subscribe for a month to get 4000cc plus the monthly cc grant.

    1. I never understood the affection for different companions. The bombardment during KotFE and KotET killed it for me.

      Yes, i do want to have them, for the sake of completeness. But not because i need this specific one, because i like him sooo much and every toon from me, has to run around with him/her/it.

      It's so weird looking at discussion from people, that want Master Ranos sooo bad. "I missed it. Please bring her back. I need her.". I can only think: i have her. And the first ten minutes, i was very proud. But after that, after a few days, after all that years, i simply don't care for her anymore. And the people write stuff like "i would die to get her. bring her back. i would pay 10 bucks."...

      ... i'm happy for them, that they have the chance to get her now. But seriously, they are all exchangeable. There is no difference at all. I don't even listen to the oneliner during combat. Most of the time, i don't even know, what companion is currently active and heals me through heroics.

    2. "Most of the time, i don't even know, what companion is currently active and heals me through heroics."

      Most of the time, i don't have a companion active. PvP, GSF, Flashpoints, Operations.

    3. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I won't go out of my way to pick up new companions, but once I have them I try them out and see if they're fun to have around.

      It's also an extension of the Space Barbie endgame--I can't afford to dual wield Defiant Vented lightsabers, but I can afford to have Master Ranos do it, a few feet behind me. My smuggler uses the Gammorean Bodyguard because she's the sort of character who would be proud of gambling her way into a new companion. Etc, etc. Someone I know calls them vanity companions, and they're not wrong.

    4. I like the companions we get in story flashpoints. With special abilities.

      WTF is Malgus doing? Why is Tau pulling trash mobs away from me?

      And i like Dr. Lokin. He transforms into a Rakghul.

      Very nice. Very unique. Memorable. But at the top of my head, i can't remember any other companions with noticeable unique attacks.

    5. Like I think I mentioned in a previous post, I think it's nice that they tried to give Altuur at least a little bit of story, though ultimately a brief Alliance Alert style convo isn't much to go on. Then again, I'm with Unknown above in that the sort of content in which I spend most of my time doesn't include companions... the only times I really see them is when doing story stuff, but then it's usually pre-set which companion accompanies you there anyway.

      None of that is meant to be a complaint, just an explanation of why companion rewards aren't really that meaningful to me.

    6. I can understand why people wanted Master Ranos. She had a bit of dialog about each of the force using companions, so if you were invested in the story in KotFE/KotET days she was really nice to have from a flavor perspective. Bioware didn't make this clear so a lot of us, me included, ignored what was viewed as 'yet another generic' companion.

      Once Darth Hexid was available the story reasons for Master Ranos went away so now she's just a rare flavor companion. While I do think we have too many companions, I do realize that the variety is there to match the variety of tastes in the player base.

    7. "I do realize that the variety is there to match the variety of tastes in the player base."

      Variety... like the variety in 8 different class stories merged into one fits all. kekw

      Give me two more, new classes, complete with new starting planet, own story, gameplay... one per faction. Keep the last 50 released companions, released via cartel market or story. I would make that deal any day.


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