The Mysterious Mushrooms of Blood Hunt

Back in November I ran the Blood Hunt flashpoint with some guildies and when we got into the area for the raptor challenge I stopped dead in my tracks. The floor was suddenly covered with small purple mushrooms! It was very startling and different from how I remembered that part of the compound looking previously, but I didn't think too much about it - I figured it was either the result of some sort of graphical update that had been part of the expansion or maybe related to my graphic settings getting changed when I had recently upgraded my PC.

However, having been back to the place quite a few times since then, things have only gotten stranger, because the mushrooms aren't always there. Sometimes the ground is as bare as it used to be; other times there are different kinds of mushrooms. It's not consistent within the same run either: it's quite possible for one person in a group to see mushrooms while the others don't.

(This does make for great joke material, mind you. "Seeing mushrooms, eh? You sure you haven't ingested any recently?")

What strange bug could cause such a thing? Or is some dev maybe having fun by intentionally messing with players' heads? I wouldn't put it past them!

That said, I do kind of wish things would always be consistent for the entire group at least. For example I learned recently that there can be inconsistencies with sound too: I've done the Crisis on Umbara flashpoint two dozen times by now, but it was only the other night that the two bosses that make up the first encounter suddenly started spouting voice lines at me. Up until then they had always been silent for me! A guildie said that he sometimes hears them and other times he doesn't. Just more strangeness.


  1. I have this in Guild Wars 2. Even after eight years I can still be surprised by my character suddenly saying something I've never heard them say before. There's a spot where I often go to log out (I like my characters to rest somewhere comfortable) and I'd been going there for years when one day all the NPCs suddenly began having a conversation. They do it all the time now, but I have no idea if they always did it and I was somehow bugged before or the conversation was added for some reason (no idea why - it's an old, unchanged area).

  2. OHNOES, i wrote a comment and then I signed out instead of publishing. Silly me!
    Can't say I have ever had mushrooms sprout out of the floor for me in Blood Hunt (and I've done it a number of times recently), but it is amusing. Maybe it's part of local cuisine? It changes according to seasons? Who knows?
    Now, Umbara bosses mostly talk to me (can't say always as voice comms can make it hard to tell), but last time I was in solo Lana did not ask me how she could've been so stupid as to trust Theron while we crossed the wreckage... assuming this is not a romance-triggered line, I don't think it is, as I'm pretty sure I've seen it on non-romance toons...

    1. As it happens I just did the Umbara story on my Powertech last night and she did also get that line without being romantically involved with Lana. Interesting...

    2. Well, I meant romantically involved with *Theron* but sure ahahaha. It is... All sorts of hearbreaking - as the PC immediately reassures Lana that she wasn't foolish and that if anyone was foolish it was the Commander. I'm almost sure, this is where the conversation ends if you're not romancing Theron - but if you are, there's a second there, almost like you're struggling, before they say "we were..." and Lana answers "I know..." - and it is one of those things that each VA seems to have played it differently. My SI sounds broken, but angrily so. My JC sounded as if she were about to cry but didn't knew how. So sad.


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