It's #IntPiPoMo, By The Way

November means that it's once again time for International Picture Posting Month, a cute little blogging event that encourages people to add images to their posts because a picture says more than a thousand words. You can read more about it here.

I've participated in #IntPiPoMo three years in a row and will happily join again this year... though I have to admit that this time around, I'd totally forgotten that it was coming up.

In previous years I made an effort to prepare for the event by curating a number of screenshots that I could use throughout the month, and then I would run my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots theme to make hitting my target easier.

Since I failed to make that preparation this year, I decided to go about it differently. After all, we did just have a new expansion and I took several hundred screenshots of it over the course of the first couple of days alone, so I figure I should be able to post at least fifty of them throughout the month in an organic way anyway. I mean, Saturday's post about the Onderon story already contained six of them, and you can bet that there's more where that came from!

Check out Chestnut's post about the event (linked above) to learn more and to find links to other blogs that are participating. Happy picture posting!

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