KotFE Chapters 12, 13 & 14 Master Mode

I'm way overdue to write about these, but to be honest a big part of the reason why I it took me so long was that I found them fairly unremarkable and kept thinking: "Well, that chapter's not really worth a post of its own, is it?"

Chapter twelve, the one in the Odessen Wilds, is the one you have to tackle without a companion, so I was curious how that would affect the tuning. It did seem to me that the trash mobs did a bit less damage than in other master mode chapters.

The confrontation with Valkorion was also interesting. When I did this on veteran mode I was delighted to find that I could just let him beat me up and this would trigger the next cut scene "naturally" - as said scene shows him beating you up, it made sense. I don't know if this is dependent on difficulty, whether it was changed since I played through veteran mode or something else was going on entirely, but either way I'm sad to report that I couldn't get this to work on master mode at all, so I had to actually get him down to the required amount of health to be allowed to watch him beat me up. Sadness.

The fight was tricky in so far as he's uninterruptable and will pretty much two-shot you, so the way to go on my Sage was basically to constantly hit and run, get off a shot and then hide behind a tree just in time to evade his casts. I have no idea how you're supposed to do this on a melee class. YouTuber Aeyix, some of whose videos I believe I have linked in previous posts on this subject, doesn't really provide an answer either... while he does have a video showing his Shadow beating Valkorion it's not really obvious to me how he did it... he just suddenly hits the boss for 760k in one hit (some sort of reflect thing from before they capped reflects maybe?) and the fight is over in seconds. Not really useful to most players I reckon. So yeah, not really sure about that one.

I was a bit worried about the encounter with Vaylin near the end as well, but I ended up one-shotting it. It did make me glad that I was on a Sage and able to self-heal though as she did put out a fair amount of damage and it didn't feel like the backpack provided enough healing to compensate for it. I guess if you can't actively heal yourself, use of cooldowns is key here.

I didn't record any of the fights in chapters thirteen and fourteen because honestly none of them were very exciting. Chapter thirteen only has one real boss, that skytrooper near the end, and just like on veteran mode I found that Vette and Gault were pretty good at picking off the adds more or less on their own so that I only really had to worry about nuking the boss anyway.

Chapter fourteen was similar in that it had lots of droids but none of them did anything particularly exciting.

Now, chapter fifteen will be interesting I'm sure...

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