Day 2: Class Stories #IntPiPoMo

My 10 themed days of SWTOR screenshots in celebration of International Picture Posting Month continue. If you want to see a list of all the themes I'm using, you can find it here.

My first thought when I was putting together screenshots for this theme for this year's run was: Crap, I didn't really play any class stories this year, did I? And I wasn't entirely wrong, in the sense that I didn't complete any of the original class stories in the past year. I did however progress a few casually played alts a little bit through their stories, whenever I felt like it - which is the worst way of playing these of course, as by the time I get back to any given character, I've usually forgotten what kinds of decisions I made on them previously. But oh well.

My Commando on the Ebon Hawk Star Forge has finally got her whole team together after two and a half years - one advantage of not having to worry about gearing your companions anymore is that if you're as lazy as me and can't be bothered with giving them all unique outfits, at least their default get-ups create a somewhat coherent-looking team, instead of everyone looking like they just put on whatever armour they were able to salvage from their fallen enemies (which is of course exactly what we used to do). I think I last left her somewhere on Belsavis, so she still has some ways to go.

At some point last year I also decided to roll up a Gunslinger on Star Forge to keep my Commando company, and I played her up until the end of act one of her class story. That first act of the smuggler story is just so full of awesome that I found it impossible to choose only one screenshot from it. Here's Comptesse (as the little lady is named) meeting the shiniest bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa...

... and here she is dealing with the stupidest of Skavak's ex-girlfriends.

Meanwhile, the smuggler's class story on Tatooine is a perfect illustration of just how absurd Jedi and Sith can potentially look to "normal" people.

My eternally pugging Commando Pugette has also nearly completed chapter one of her class story, mostly from me doing bits and pieces of it while waiting in the queue for uprisings. Here she is guarding a Twi'lek slicer that's doing a job for her. Now that I think about it, slicers/slicing used to be quite a frequently used plot device for the non-Force-using classes back before the storyline went all supernatural in Shadow of Revan, wasn't it?

I've said before that I really like cut scenes in which my characters make angry/determined faces. So here's one of my second Sage on... I think it was Balmorra? This is my slowest-levelled character of all time by the way, as I created her relatively early on (I think it was shortly after the game went free-to-play) as a dedicated grouping character in an attempt to get some old friends from WoW to play SWTOR with me. It quickly became apparent that this wasn't working out at all, but I've still been dragging my feet when it comes to levelling her alone ever since. Five or six years later she only just finished Quesh, heh.

Now this screenshot isn't from an original class story but from the Nathema Conspiracy flashpoint, but I actually consider that flashpoint to be the closest thing we've had to something approaching unique class content since Shadow of Revan. Sure, it's only a short conversation via holo that's unique, but there are so many variations! I took a quick look at a spoiler thread about the flashpoint on reddit because I didn't really want to know all the possible permutations, but I kind of did want to know how many there were (and therefore, how many different classes I could take through it to see different content) and there were a lot - at least two per class I think.

IntPiPoMo count: 10


  1. *Gasps* Sigex made that choice? :O

    1. The funny thing is that at the time I couldn't even remember what I'd done because it had been so long. I vaguely recalled Sigex going one way and Dormaba the other but I wasn't sure who did what anymore. Let's just say that now I know. XD

  2. Time and again I'm reminded I should take more screenshots. Mine fall into a low number of categories: character selection screen, level up + achievement popups, interesting toons I see running around. Nearly zero even mildly interesting in-action shots while doing stuff...

  3. Kind of makes me wish there was some kind of posing program for your character. Just for fun.

    1. I've definitely wished for an equivalent to WoW's model viewer more than once!


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