Pugette's Journey Is Nearing Its End

Pugette, my Commando alt who's levelling through flashpoints and whose adventures I've been recording on video, has reached level 64 today, so she only has only six more levels to go! I expect that my next post about this series will be my last one. I will probably have some more things to say about the project as a whole at that point, but for now, here is once again a summary of the last six weeks/episodes:

Episode 19: Getting Nostalgic in Directive 7 - As I continue to queue for both master modes and a diminishing number of veteran modes, I mostly keep getting instant queue pops for the former but every now and then also still for the latter. This run was part of the second category. Directive 7 is one of those places that always makes me super nostalgic for the game's early days because I associate so many funny stories with it, some of which I shared in the video. The way the run progressed also gave me reason to detour into some adventures I used to have during my time pugging in WoW.

Episode 20: Testing the Puggability of Crisis on Umbara - I was so excited to get the new flashpoint as my random! I had only done it with guildies before and therefore had zero idea what it would be like with a pug. My main impression at the start was that there was a lot of damage flying around and I couldn't imagine doing it without a healer. But when we got to the bonus boss, things got really interesting... I won't spoil the rest!

Episode 21: Unexpected Developments in MM Czerka Core Meltdown - This flashpoint defied my expectations because I remembered the desert boss being very hard to heal while having no issues whatsoever with the jungle boss. Apparently this has been reversed at some point! Also, a 15-minute wait for a new tank after our first one abandoned us led to some interesting experimentation with companion tanking.

Episode 22: Killing ALL THE THINGS in Taral V - At last, Pugette was able to advance her Jedi Prisoner quest line through Taral V, veteran mode this time. I was endlessly amused by the fact that after I explained at the start (and in previous videos) that most people just want to skip most of the trash in this instance, I of course ended up in a group that actually wanted to do both bonuses. The group's zeal for killing absolutely everything was actually pretty comical.

Episode 23: Getting chatted up outside MM Depths of Manaan - Just as I started recording this episode, I got whispers from some random person who started with some innocuous but pointless questions, causing me to predict that he was going to ask if I was a real girl next... and he promptly obliged, allowing me to nicely capture the awkwardness that comes with playing a female character online at times on screen. The instance itself went very well, especially considering that it's one of the tougher master modes. In fact my team seemed to engage in a game of one-upmanship with achievements, trying to convince each other that they were the one who knew the flashpoint best.

Episode 24: Inconsiderate Tanking in MM Esseles - This was a fairly uneventful run, except that our tank seemed to think that "tanking" means constantly charging ahead to solo things and ignoring what's going on with the rest of the group. Fortunately it wasn't much of an issue considering the low difficulty of the flashpoint, and at first I even laughed about it, but after a while it did get a bit annoying.


  1. Hallo, Shintar.

    Vielen Dank nochmals für die vielen unterhaltsamen Videos. Da sich die Reise von Pugette dem Ende nähert, und ich gerade deinen letzten Tweet gelesen habe, schlage ich vor, dass Du in Season 2 einen Tank spielst.

    Ich stelle mir das sehr unterhaltsam vor. Ein Gildenmitglied von mir -ein sehr netter, witziger Typ- spielt hauptsächlich DDs, aber wenn er mal tankt, dann wird er irgendwie redselig.

    Er erzählt -versunken in seiner Konzentration- Geschichten, flucht über Dinge die schiefgehen...ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es bei Dir ähnlich ablaufen könnte, wenn Du voll vereinnahmt bist.

    Ein Kommandoheiler bedeutet für Dich ja in erster Linie automatisierte Abläufe...Du heilst Pugs ganz nebenbei zum Frühstück. Aber als Tank...


    1. Ich hab schon eine andere Idee für Season 2... aber danke für den Vorschlag, ich werde ihn im Hinterkopf behalten. ;)

  2. Ich habe gerade die ersten fünf Minuten der letzten Folge gesehen.

    Immer wenn ich einen Spieler sehe, der den "Gründer"-Titel zur Schau stellt, zucke ich zusammen. Und wieder wird bestätigt, dass dieses Empfinden tatsächlich berechtigt ist...nur Autoschüsse und eine Blitzgranate.

    Ich werde mir den Rest selbstverständlich auch noch ansehen, aber ich befürchte ich werde mich dabei etwas aufregen müssen ;)

    1. Haha, ich nehme Titel kaum noch wahr; wusste also nicht, dass Gründer einen schlechten Ruf haben.

      Und ja, es wird definitiv noch besser. ;)


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