Pugging with Shintar: July Update

I know it's August now but this is mostly about videos recorded in July. I thought I would give another update on how my Pugging with Shintar series is progressing for those who aren't subscribed to my YouTube channel (and at this rate, I really need to give these posts their own tag).

Episode 7: Defying the Randomiser - After getting Hammer Station for the third time in six episodes, I decided that while repetition had been fine while I was simply writing about adventures like these, in the video format redoing the same flashpoint over and over again was simply boring and rubbish. As a result, I cut down the run to a few key scenes in the video and then queued again with every flashpoint I'd already done unselected from the group finder list. This time I got Athiss, which was at least something new.

Episode 8: Sneaking Through Red Reaper - I decided to start doing the intros on Nar Shaddaa while the Nightlife Event is running and after a commenter reminded me that I could use the heroic quick travel to get there even without a ship. Forcing the group finder to always give me something new from now on, I ended up in Red Reaper, a place known for its nightmarish trash pulls at the start. Of course since I knew and talked about those, I ended up with a rock-solid group that had no trouble with anything whatsoever and managed to skip even more pulls than usual. In Red Reaper I've never minded because there is no bonus anyway.

Episode 9: Cheerful Musings in Korriban Incursion - After the previous episode I realised that out of sheer habit, I had been uploading these in a lower resolution than I actually use to record, so this episode brought an improvement in video quality as I finally made some adjustments. Korriban Incursion made me particularly talkative because there are so many connections to the Sith starter quests - though I wasn't beyond making mistakes when trying to recall them from memory. I oddly enjoy correcting myself via text overlays while editing the footage later.

Episode 10: An Unlucky Gunslinger in KDY - Finally I got the story quest for Kuat Drive Yards out of my log, after having had it there since level 15 or so. A gunslinger asked early on whether he could do the "rescue ten prisoners" achievement if we got the prison cell scenario, and everyone enthusiastically agreed... but this is a pug, you can already guess how it went.

Episode 11: Sentinel Silliness in Battle of Rishi - I was late with recording this episode due to real life distractions and recorded it on a weekday after work, feeling like I was going to fall asleep at any moment. Oddly enough, this made me even chattier than usual, and I ended up in a group with three sentinels, which I considered very humorous. Also, I enjoyed ranting about Battle of Rishi's wasted potential like I already did in a blog post once here.

Episode 12: Businesslike in Czerka Corporate Labs - After a slightly chaotic start, this flashpoint became quickly dominated by a scantily-clad Commando who was eager to push forward no matter what, clearly thinking that she didn't need the rest of the group. I couldn't fault her ability, but I also couldn't help highlighting it as another type of behaviour that I'm personally not super fond of in my pug groups.


  1. You know what's sad? I've been trying to figure out how to have YouTube video activity posted in the same manner as you can with Podcast RSS feeds. All I get out of Blogger is "you can't do that yet", which means all I can do is just put the regular YouTube link to your channel up.

  2. Just started watching this series. Really enjoying it so far! Brings back happy memories of pugging.

    Well, memories at any rate.

  3. Hallo Shintar,

    ich verfolge nach wie vor mit großer Freude Deine Serie. Anti-Bob war einfach herrlich, aber auch dein "erster" MM-FP war sehr unterhaltsam.

    Ich habe eine Frage -abseits des Themas- an Dich, als erfahrener Raider:

    Terror from Beyond. HM. The Writhing Horror. Es gibt einen Debuff, der nach der Reinigung zu einer gelben Void führt.

    Wird der Debuff nur optisch am Char angezeigt? Weil in meinem Ops-Fenster erschien kein Symbol. Normalerweise werden alle Debuffs, die ich reinigen kann, sehr groß angezeigt. In diesem Fall aber gar nicht. Habe ich was falsch eingestellt, ein Bug, oder wird der Debuff wirklich nicht im Op-Fenster angezeigt? Danke für Deine Hilfe.

    1. Das muss irgendwas mit deinen Einstellungen zu tun gehabt haben; ich hab mit der Anzeige dieses Debuffs nämlich noch nie ein Problem gehabt und auch noch von niemand anderem gehört, der eines gehabt hätte. Ich hab einen Screenshot von einem alten Ops-Video gemacht, auf dem das Debuff-Icon zu sehen ist. Schau hier.

    2. Danke für die schnelle Antwort.

      In deinem alten Ops-Video "Scenes from a TFB Stealth Run" ist bei 3:46 das Debuff-Icon klar und deutlich im Ops-Fenster zu sehen. Meine Einstellungen bezüglich Debuff-Größe sind vergleichbar mit den deinigen, leider wurde mir der Debuff nicht angezeigt. Ich schaue mal genauer in meine UI-Einstellungen nach voran es lag. Andere Debuffs wurden bei dem Run wie gehabt angezeigt, nur halt dieses spezielle nicht. Ich forsche weiter. Danke Dir!

  4. About Episode 16 "Trash Skipping Cademimu":

    i'm not a fan of "run to the elevator and skip everything".

    but what i really really don't get is, if you start skipping the trash before the elevator, why suddenly people change the strategy and fight after the elevator?

    the tank did the right thing...sticked to the plan and ran. either you skip the trash and run or you don't. changing the approach never made sense to me.

    1. After reviewing the video I understood a bit better what happened. It's not so much about changing the approach - the point of running through is to skip several somewhat annoying trash pulls. That first pull at the bottom of the elevator is really easy though (with a tank!) and I don't think I'd ever seen anyone try to run past that before. I'm guessing that neither had the Sentinels, which is why we tried to fight and were baffled that our tank was suddenly gone.


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