Saving The Grophets

What started as an innocent observation about how I didn't like to disintegrate mini-pets took a turn for the strange when Rav felt the need to write a response to express her own hatred of grophets, while simultaneously encouraging people to humanely donate their own grophets to my care. Since then she's sent me a steady stream of them in the post, sometimes even joined by Conrad (meaning he sent some too, not that she put him in the post), and of course my own Command crates have also continued to provide.

I haven't yet run out of alts to press-gang into grophet-keeping, but I worry that the day must be imminent. What then? I don't want to waver in my commitment, but it's uncertain where I can go once I run out of potential grophet-keepers. Open a home for them inside one of my cargo bays? Seems a bit dour. Load up an alt's inventory with grophets and then have them emigrate to another server to found the Grophetkeeper Legacy? I feel like I'm definitely approaching crazy cat grophet lady territory here.

At least tweets like this one reassure me that I'm not alone in my struggle:


  1. I'm just thankful that there haven't been any Thrantas in the Command Crates so far. The Nightmare Kell Drake is currently the only one I had a pang of guilt for when 'mercy-killing' it. Thrantas?

    Hell. No. Never disintegrating Thrantas.

    You may have your own Grophet home, but I'm fairly sure I'd start a Thranta home to rival it if these guys were ever added. =P

    I do start to worry about my priorities when during the Agent story on Alderaan the status of House Cortess's prized Thranta pair concerned me more than that of the House itself...

  2. I found a solution to this problem that works for me:

    i unsubbed. No Galactic Command, no grophets. :)

    But no gear either. :(

    Perhaps it isn't a good solution.

  3. Apparently, grophet innards are considered a Hutt delicacy. So, you could open a restaurant? ;P

    1. Hutts consider many things a delicacy. I'd rather not cater to their tastes.

    2. A fair point. I think avoiding the slippery slope that is "Hutt involvement" or even Hutt catering for that matter, is one we would all do well to avoid.


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