Those Dark vs. Light World Bosses

About ten days before Christmas, Bioware sent out a survey to many SWTOR players to quiz them about their opinions on the newest expansion - you bet I used that to also tell them through this more official channel that I don't like (the current implementation) of Galactic Command! What gave me pause though was that they specifically asked you to rate what they apparently considered all the major new expansion features, and one of them was "Dark vs. Light boss battles" (or something to that effect), something that had almost completely passed me by until then.

When the new server-wide Dark vs. Light system was first announced, I didn't have much of an opinion on it because I honestly thought it just sounded confusing. I was hoping that seeing it in action would make everything that much clearer, but that didn't work out so well either. The sheer amount of times we've had conversations like the following in guild chat or on TeamSpeak:

A: So I get a token every time I open a box?
B: No, when you earn a box, but only if your side is winning.
A: So like right now?
B: No, while the light side is on its way to winning right now, only the one hour "victory state" after hitting rank five counts.
A: Okay... but what do I even do with the things?

The bosses that were supposed to spawn during the victory state didn't even enter into it (probably at least partially because of the heavy emphasis on Galactic Command during the previews and how nothing was going to drop any actually useful items anymore). So it was with some curiosity that I eventually suggested at the end of an ops night that my guild should have a look at them, as we had about twenty minutes of ops time left (which isn't enough to start anything new) and the dark side had recently entered a victory state.

We eventually found two of the new bosses on Tatooine, called Erdi the Relentless and Tormentor Urdig. I recorded and uploaded the fights to YouTube, because I thought they might be useful to someone out there and I couldn't find anything else about them other than a mention in the Dulfy guide when I googled their names.

We did get both of them down on the first attempt (and as I understand it there wouldn't have been a chance at a second attempt as they despawn if they get an opportunity to reset after the first pull), but we did suffer several deaths and the outgoing damage was certainly considerable. They also had about three major abilities each which seemed to have been borrowed from existing operations bosses seemingly at random: Tormentor Urdig for example had what looked like Dread Master Raptus' Force Execution at his command. With this in mind, the bosses certainly didn't strike me as designed for your average general chat pug, even if their fickle way of spawning seems to make them more suitable targets for such transient groups than for a pre-scheduled ops night.

They did seem like worthwhile targets though, as they dropped a reasonably sized CXP pack for everyone in the group (up to sixteen I believe) as well as a light side token (if you were light side too, since they were dark side bosses). We were just annoyed that the achievements to kill them appeared to be bugged as neither was ticked off anyone's list successfully.

Still, there's your new group content, folks! You just need to know where to look for it I guess. I'm actually really intrigued by these now and hope that I'll be able to persuade my guildies to have a go at all of them sooner or later, if for no other reason than to see the fights.

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