Day 4: Missions & Conversations #IntPiPoMo

Wondering what the hashtag in the title is all about? Click here. Want to know all the themes that I have used and will be using for my 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots? You can find the full list here.

My favourite thing about the story on Ziost is actually not the main events but the little sub-plot involving Agent Kovach. I had a whole little post written up about why that is, but for some reason it's been sitting in my draft folder for months... hmm... not sure why! I'll schedule it to go up after this one.

When the Imps take over Corellia, Darth Decimus holds a pretty impressive speech... well, actually I don't remember anything about the speech itself, but this visual from it was certainly nice enough for me to want to take a screenshot.

This screenshot is from an Imperial exploration mission on Alderaan called Bugs and Bombs which I find morbidly funny. Basically some Imps that carried valuable sensors have been killed and cocooned to the Kilik hives, so your mission is to bust them out to retrieve the sensors. However, from a mechanics point of view, the soldiers are still alive inside the cocoons, and when you pop them, the poor Imps fall to their deaths and give you XP as they die. It's so very wrong but I can't help but find it funny every time.

Speaking of funny, look at all these droids falling to their deaths on Makeb! Teehee.

What I imagine going through my Jedi knight's mind in this screenshot: "Nope, nope, nope, nope."

You might be wondering why I'm not featuring more shots from Knights of the Fallen Empire in this post, and in this series in general, considering how much I've praised its cinematic direction. And it does offer some great scenes for screenshots! The problem is that most of them are very obvious, so I've either used them before or they are just incredibly overused all over the web. This scene from Zakuul is a good example. Does it look cool? Hell yeah. Has every single person taken the exact same screenshot of their character standing with Lana and Senya? Probably. So there just isn't that much to show off here.

There is this neat little Imperial side mission on Quesh that has you observing a Republic walker blowing up through a set of binoculars. I really like this little cut scene. Shame I never feel half as cool when I use my own macrobinoculars.

I took so many screenshots of Kaon Under Siege for my Flashpoint Friday post about it, I didn't have room to use even half of them. It took me several runs to get this shot of Major Byzal getting jumped by a rakghoul and I'm quite proud of it... even if the rakghoul's pose mid-air is kind of comical.

IntPiPoMo count: 30

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  1. That picture with the rakghoul jumping from behind is hilarious! Also, I need to seriously step up my IntPiPoMo count, I'm terribly behind. ;)


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