Dark vs. Light: Nearly There

We're getting close to three months of the Dark vs. Light event being live, and I'm nearly done! While I've "officially" still only completed the first three tiers, in practice I'm very close to completing Legendary level (the final one) by now.

The reason I haven't completed Champion level (the fourth one) yet is that I'm missing Battle of Rishi for the Flashpoint Expert achievement. I kind of figured that if I was going to level six new characters to fifty via a mix of warzones and random tactical flashpoints, I was bound to get all of them automatically after a while. Not so, apparently! I know random numbers are funny things, but I'm starting to wonder about Battle of Rishi at this point because back when I levelled my Mercenary through nothing but flashpoints at the end of last year, she never had Battle of Rishi pop as a random either. Instead I've had what felt like dozens of runs of Hammer Station, Cademimu and False Emperor. As I still have one character to finish off, I suppose that there's still a chance that Battle of Rishi will show up as part of my random flashpoint rotation, but at this point I'm not holding my breath. It might just end up being the last thing stopping me from hitting Legendary, by which point I will of course simply queue for it specifically and get it done that way.

Completing KotFE for the umpteenth time was as expected the most chore-like requirement for me, though I did get it done in the end. I covered the first nine chapters in about three days, and then the rest in small bits and pieces here and there, as they are a bit easier to break up into small chunks. I did enjoy KotFE's story and even replaying it a couple of times, just not... that much. I have no idea how someone like xLetalis can happily play through each new chapter sixteen times on release to present his viewers with a playthrough of all eight classes of both sexes.

As it turned out, I had to ask my pet tank for a boost to get the Eternal Championship achievements. I thought that I should get through it easily enough after having completed it on a couple of classes already, but I actually already struggled on the very first boss (!), being a healing Scoundrel in mediocre gear with a companion of influence level five. After that I was kind of genuinely surprised that I managed to kill the next couple of bosses at all, but by the time I reached Lanos it became clear that I just didn't have enough dps. I had no interest in working on better gear and a higher influence level just then, so I simply asked my pet tank for help so we could do the team version. That one doesn't give credit for any quests or regular achievements, but for the DvL event it doesn't matter if you go in in a group so it was definitely the preferable option.

I "finished off" all the characters I introduced in my last event post, getting them to fifty and maxing out their crew skills, plus another one that wasn't even "born" yet at the time, my super cute Mirialan Guardian Starberry.

I was wondering whether I should make her a Sentinel since that's another advanced class I don't actually have at max level, but I do have an alt that's about halfway there and I know from my Marauder that I don't enjoy the playstyle very much so... eh. I like Guardians though, and I'd never given tanking on one a serious try before. While I have a level 65 Juggernaut tank, I actually didn't do that much group content with that one (she was levelled in tandem with my pet tank), so I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. All those cooldowns! So much utility! Even arenas become fun when you're not the first focus target for once and can in fact charge in first without too much fear for your own health.

Incidentally, Starberry is also my first DvL character that actually used armour that I got as an event reward - I got the Resolute Guardian upper body armour out of one of my reward boxes, which is the snazzy armour set that appears on the character creation screen for Jedi knights. I'd quite like it if I got the rest of the set out of one of boxes that are still to come, but for levelling the chest piece and gloves alone were enough to make her look presentable.

Anyway, what's left? Four hardmode flashpoints which I'm hoping to polish off this weekend, levelling my event Sith warrior to fifty, and the aforementioned Battle of Rishi run. I should be able to provide my personal event wrap-up very soon!


  1. Solo mode counts for the non-legendary DvL flashpoints. You can always do it by flying to Rishi and hitting up the Flashpoint courier.

    Depending on how good your "pet tank" is, you might be able to two man it. My wife and I did all the non solo flashpoints, plus Depths of Manaan, with just us (Tank Trooper and Gunslinger) and our comps (heal and DPS, ranged). I was running PvP gear for the set bonus and an Inf30 comp, but my wife was indifferently geared and had a Inf 15 or 20 comp.

    The only hard part was the last boss in DoM, and that was as much me failtanking and not keeping him under the fires as anything else.

    1. Not that I'm the force's gift to tanking. That came out wrong.

    2. I know that solo modes count too. :) It's funny because you're not the first person to tell me that. I just don't like them very much and generally prefer to do the group version.

    3. In general, I prefer to do them in groups, or at least paired up with my wife. (When I'm not driving her up the wall, anyway).

  2. Just a minor correction: "Legendary" is the final tiet, not "Eternal".

    Also, don't know quite what it is but something unsettles me with your Warrior and Vette looking identical. I guess maybe it's because Vette doesn't strike me as ever really suiting the Lethan customisations in general?

    I honestly don't know.

    1. Correction of a correction: "Tier", not "tiet".

    2. Whoops, fixed. I think I got it wrong because logically, I would expect eternal to be better than legendary. :P

      And yeah, I never used that Vette customisation before because it makes her look horribly evil and doesn't suit her at all in my opinion - but when I previewed it this time I was amused by how similar to my warrior it made her look. That's the only reason I went for it.

  3. A Vigilance Guardian was not my first character, but it was my first level-cap character. Of all the melee characters I've tried, I like that one the bast. IMO, it sits in the middle of the armor/damage/mobility triangle, and is "good" in all three aspects to boot.

  4. Also, there are more variations on that chestplate your Knight has than even Tor Fashion lists - the legacy vendor on Coruscant has an Orange set that looks similar, and a couple of the Remnant sets from Alliance boxes are close as well as a couple world drops.


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