Random Moments

Since I'm away from the internet this week, enjoy this automatically published filler post of random screenshots that I've taken over the course of the last two months, always thinking "haha, I really need to show this to someone some time" but then never doing so.

I'm open to caption suggestions for this one.

What's better than getting Risha as a companion? Two Rishas! It seems that this graphical glitch is loosely related to the "working on console" animation, because on Rishi I had the exact same thing happen with Theron.

No, tell us how you really feel about the Dark vs. Light event...

Has the group finder ever put you into a pug that consisted of nothing but stealthers? It actually took us a few pulls to realise that we could skip all the trash! Fastest Athiss run I've ever had. As a bonus, I had characters called Decent Person and Sad Panda in my group.

Speaking of interesting character names in pug groups...

One thing I quite like about Voss are the many named champion mobs. There's an achievement to get all of them (and it's a long list), and without ever having consulted a guide, I've only found about two thirds of them. The guys pictured above were new to me when I encountered them on my event Scoundrel, and the combination of two champions and two golds linked together was actually quite challenging!

I took a screenshot of this because this was the first time I saw all the nodes in the Proving Grounds active at the same time! Not seen this again since then.

I'd heard of stronghold "hauntings" before, phasing issues that cause people to appear in the wrong stronghold and such, but this was the first time that I ran into one of these myself - naked Andronikos is definitely not supposed to be there in my Dromund Kaas stronghold. When I turned around, 2V-R8 was right behind me as well. Creepy.

This was possibly my most decisive GSF win ever.

Dealing with Jakarro on my new Scoundrel, who always has Bowdaar by her side, was kind of weird. He's always roaring and mad about something, and I kind of wanted to point at Bowdaar behind me and go: "Look, it's perfectly possible to be a wookiee and act in a civilised manner!" They should have put some dialogue in there if the two wookiees meet up. It's not like it would have required the recording of any new lines.

From the category "interesting glitches observed in PvP", I present you the Voidstar match in which the left bridge extended itself invisibly. Took a bit of bravery to step on that at first.

I think the huge influx of event alts has us all struggling for good character names... it seems this guy decided to go for the "whatever's lying on my desk right now" method of naming.

Two for one in Hypergates: I quite like the name and costume combination in the foreground, and the bouncy person in the background is just funny.

I was quite gutted to lose that Proving Grounds match... closest I've experienced so far in that warzone!

Oi, Eric, get back to work!

Apparently pop-up trainers don't fall into the category of objects that get phased out during cut scenes. Since Calphy got out his Revan statue after every wipe on the tanks in EC, holo-Revan being part of the team quickly became a running gag.

The Dark vs. Light event made me realise that I hadn't created a new character on The Red Eclipse since they revamped the guild window. If you open it without being in a guild, it presents you with this nifty image plus text snippets encouraging you to join a guild.

I saw this guy and immediately thought: I bet he doesn't do regular group content (or maybe this is just his 427th alt). Why? Because we once had a guy join our guild who had foolishly named his first character "TheSexyKnight". Since he was actually a boy in his teens, we were all incredibly weirded out when during every operation he ended up being addressed as "Sexy" by everyone. He got himself a name change soon after!

You can't see it very well because I only caught it as it was already phasing out, but the latest announcement in the middle of the screen reads: "Intelligent Manhood has been defeated." I don't think any additional commentary is needed...

One of the disturbing side effects of NPCs being available as interactive furniture? You can sell Felusia Stato to herself, and apparently she only values herself at a hundred credits.


  1. I kind of wished that we could see Bowdaar meet the Huntmaster (from the BH story).

  2. Those were some hilarious random observations. Bis! :)


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