Living the Unranked PvPer's Life

Expect to read some more posts about PvP until I inevitably forget about it again.

One thing that I've been enjoying about doing regular PvP again for the past couple of weeks is the way it brings me in contact with the server community, for better or worse. I've always enjoyed "people watching" on the fleet, taking in the ridiculous names and even more ridiculous outfits that some people come up with.

I wonder if he knows the song?

Ever since the introduction of strongholds however, I haven't been spending nearly as much time on the fleet as I used to, as the lure of my personal crafting nodes and the legacy bank keep pulling me back into my stronghold. I still have reasons to be on the fleet, but not as many. In a similar vein, my PvE pursuits have all taken place in a very sheltered environment as of late, which is to say in guild runs. As I find less time to pug, I also see less of the server community at large.

In random warzones on the other hand, even if I group up with some guildies beforehand, there are always other peope along for the ride, not to mention the opposition. You run into some weird characters, like these two Vanguards who were punching their mechanical sandbags in sync all the while until the forcefield went down.

You start to remember certain guild names, on both factions, and learn that some of them bode well for the match to come and that others don't. You find yourself wondering what in the world possessed some people to choose their particular character and/or guild names.

And of course, sometimes you meet "acquaintances" from other blogs or from Twitter, which is even more fun.

Never did get past the door that Madmar (@swtorfamily) was guarding.

And sometimes you just get to enjoy random fun moments like an arena match where your entire team consists of Sages. What more needs to be said?

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  1. Haha, that was a fun match. Don't think the opposition was a great fan of Asylum and the Twin Suns Squadron teaming up there. ^^


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