Random Rishi Moments

At the moment most of my play time is taken up by working on crew skills and running operations with my guild. Whenever I have time to play between doing those things, I mostly do a flashpoint or a warzone on one of my max-level characters or level an alt for a bit.

Currently I'm working on getting my Imperial agent to sixty. On Rishi, I was amazed to find out that the daily quest to kill three pirates in Raider's Cove actually gets randomised. I don't know if the Republic version was bugged or I just had a really odd streak of luck whenever I did it, but on my Republic characters I got White Maw pirates every time. I actually thought that was pretty stupid, considering there were so many other types of pirates around...

Even though I maxed out my reputation with the People of Rishi quite some time ago (it's kind of hard not to, considering how they shower you with reputation tokens as you level), I never actually visited the reputation vendor until the other day. I cracked up hard when I saw the "Commemorative Meat Tree" decoration for one credit. For those who don't know, the mission "Jungle's Bounty", where you have to lure a beast out by attaching some meat to a tree, could bug out at launch so that you were unable to interact with the tree. This was one bug that I fortunately didn't experience personally, but my pet tank did on one of his alts and apparently it inspired a fair bit of chatter in general chat. I'm not sure if bugs are really the kind of thing we should commemorate with special decorations but... I'll admit it's funny. And since they only cost one credit per piece, you could fill a whole room with these trees of questionable taste if you so desired...

I was also delighted to get a Jungle Grophet mini pet off the reputation vendor. I've loved grophets ever since I first saw one on Rishi (I believe I referred to it as "giant jungle pig" back then) and it's great to have my own miniature version following me around.

Here's my agent doing the daily "She Who Greedily Devours". When I first did this quest with my pet tank, he commented that he knew someone else to whom that nickname could apply...! He hasn't been able to live that one down since then.

Finally, a picture not from Rishi but from Yavin 4. I've said before that I'm very bad at looking up and admiring the environment in this game unless one of my companions prompts me to do so. This happened again when I landed on Yavin and Vector chimed in with: "Can you feel it? The gravity of the gas giant urges us skyward, as if we could spread wings and ascend. This world is more than it appears." Aside from the sheer weirdness of that comment, even by Vector's standards, I kind of went: "Gas giant? Oh right, this is a moon, isn't it..." Then I looked up.



  1. Hah, I just had to explain why I was laughing out loud to my better half. Gold star.

  2. Yeah, Rishi's Reputation items are very good. I love the fact that they took the initiative to have them sell a Grophlet as a cute low-reputation pet.
    Better than putting him on the Cartel Market..!

  3. I didn't know about that tree. I love it when companies can joke about their own shortcomings. I have no idea where to put it, but I'll have to et one now!

    ...maybe I can use it to feed some of my mounts? I'm sure they're not all vegetarians.


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