Depressed Raiding

One of the major class changes in the recent 2.5 patch was that a Sentinel's Inspiration now affects the entire ops group, but also applies a debuff that prevents you from benefiting from it again for five minutes. I reckon that this came as a surprise to exactly no-one, considering that this is basically the same thing that happened to WoW's Bloodlust several years ago. (That is to say, people were stacking the class that gives the buff to ridiculous levels just to chain the ability over and over again.)

What I did find interesting however is the name they gave to the debuff that prevents you from being inspired again: depressed.

I suppose it makes sense as a counterpoint to feeling inspired, but considering that you'll want to have as much Inspiration uptime as possible, you'll be spending a lot of time with this debuff on... meaning that you'll spend a majority of your boss attempts being depressed. Am I the only one who sees some unfortunate connotations here?

(It felt particularly apt to me personally after we had to cancel ops for several weeks in a row due to a lack of available people, while still stuck on HM Corruptor Zero progression-wise. We finally killed him yesterday though, depression debuff or not!)

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  1. And here I thought you were having a tough time raiding!


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