Too Many Goodies!

The other night I decided to create a new alt from scratch, something that I hadn't done in a few months. I was rather surprised when immediately upon entering the world, I had no less than fourteen messages waiting for me in my mailbox.

Yes, I preordered the game, I paid up for the Digital Deluxe edition before the game went free to play, then I preordered Makeb, and so on and so forth, all of which came with some goodies, usually a title, a vehicle and/or a pet. And yes, I know that various subscriber rewards were dished out along the way as well, but some of those were only temporary (or at least I'm not getting any more Gannifari pets mailed to me for free), so I didn't really think that it would all add up to quite that much.

It still baffles me just how many of these "rewards" I'm receiving on any newly created character now. Do they even mean anything anymore at this point? It really struck me when I realised the other week that there had been a promotion last month, primarily aimed at getting current free players to (re-)subscribe, but also rewarding current subscribers, that I hadn't even known about. It only came up when someone mentioned during an ops run that he'd received a speeder and a pet in the mail but wasn't sure why he had got them, and nobody else was really sure at the time either.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought, but a "reward" for something that I was doing anyway, that I didn't even know about and that just gets drowned among a dozen similar items isn't that exciting to me. I suppose the fact that I'm not a big pet or vehicle collector plays into it, but even so... I think this is one area where the SWTOR team might want to try coming up with something new soon.


  1. Whenever I create a new WoW toon I get a bunch of e-mails from Blizz for freebies, so I guess I'm kind of used to it. I don't have nearly the number you get in yours, Shin; I think Bioware sends me about 5-6 e-mails.

    1. The thing with WoW is that it's nine years old. SWTOR isn't even two. Can you imagine what my mailbox will look like in another seven years if it's already this bad now? :P

    2. Well, I've only been playing WoW about 4 years, and I've never been to BlizzCon or gotten the fancy collector's editions, so I've avoided a boatload of freebies that they could have sent my way.

  2. I get like 3 different speeders every time I roll a new toon and most of the other stuff you get, thank god for using cartel coins to fully unlock the entire inventories for my entire legacy!


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