M1-4X is happy to see me

Good god, man, I know you get excited about the prospect of fighting Imperials, but this is ridiculous! I didn't even know droids were built that way!

(My 4X is currently suffering from a weird graphical glitch where his weapon appears to stick out of his lower torso... stop sniggering! Un- and re-equipping the rifle fixes the issue, but occasionally it reappears. I haven't noticed any pattern to it.

I was seriously unsettled the first time I noticed it though. "Has 4X always had four legs? Cause if not, he's just developed a sudden case of droid boner...")


  1. ....and an entire generation of Star Wars fans just had a Jessica Rabbit moment. ;-)

    Reminds me of that horned helm that you could get from Ulduar; if a Dwarf was wearing it, that helm was at just the right height....

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, anything that doesn't actually hinder my game is just a fun diversion!


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