200 Posts!

201 with this one, actually... I didn't plan for my 200th post to be a bit of a rant, but what the hey, that's how things go sometimes.

Just like I did when I hit my 100 post milestone, I took another look at Google Analytics and what kind of search terms led people to this blog since the last time.

The main feeling I get whenever I look at my search terms is one of slight embarrassment about the punny title of the blog. I still love it, but I could really do without learning about all these weird fantasies and questions that people have about being out in public without underwear... I won't repeat any of them now in order not to make it even worse.

SWTOR-wise, it's mostly the same old, same old, always people looking for information about how to play Commandos and where they rank in the pecking order of classes after each new patch. (Sorry, I know I'm not really helpful in that regard.) What surprises me a little is how many hits I get about the Jedi consular story. I mean yes, I did write a post about it ages ago, but I also wrote about five other class stories and nobody seems to come looking for reviews of those. There's also a fair few searches about where to find HK parts. I hope that if nothing else, the story of how I struggled with the quest chain but did love it in the end will serve as encouragement for some people, if not necessarily as useful advice.

The roughly two posts that I've ever written that actually contain useful advice, about the crash-to-desktop workaround and how to LFG, still get the most hits and regularly show up on the sidebar under "recently popular posts". All the questions about "how to LFG" surprise me though, because you'd think that with the group finder people would have less of an issue with that now. Or are there actually players who find the interface too complicated and need a guide for that?

The one thing that really surprised me among my more popular search terms was Thana Vesh, whose name came in fifteenth place among my top searches, not counting a whole bunch of slight variations. For a simple NPC that only stars in a single planetary storyline on Imperial side, that's quite impressive. Judging by the nature of the search terms, it seems that people either a) get stuck on the quest if they die at some point, or b) think she's hot and want to find out if there isn't some secret way of BSOCKing her after all. Sorry, folks!

Now for some random search terms:

From the "why do you keep sending players of other games to my blog" pile:
bioshock infinite crashes to desktop
dark age of camelot crashing to desktop vista 64
lotro crashing to desktop after log on
tera theorycrafting
don't like wow pugging (Who does these days?)

Questions and answers:
should I go back to swtor - playing swtor again
how is swtor coming along - swtor popular again
should I start swtor again - came back to swtor and love it

Funny typos:
glee event swtor, need more time for hellix (A Glee/SWTOR crossover, now there's something I'd never have considered on my own...)
healing tosh and zorn (What a bunch of tosh!)
swtor how to unlock all 4 quickbards (Is a quickbard anything like a battlebard?)

Strange SWTOR fetishes:
beefy powertech swtor
female smuggler look at my rear
sexy mens swtor gear (That sounds like a case for the Hawtpants Republic...)
imperial agent sex fiction

Looking for guildies:
squishy shadow tank (He's over there!)
Marscreed swtor (An ex-guildie of mine - look, you're so famous people are even googling you!)

And finally, simply random:

class with the least buttons swtor (Sage/Sorcerer, from my experience anyway.)
damn you swtor for not fixing the crash (Yes, damn you, and I'm gonna tell Google about it!)
dragon naturally speaking general training dialog (...?)
my boyfriend's beard (Whatever you expected to find with this search term, it's not here.)
swtor one night balmorra (...makes a hard man humble.)
what is this hologram thing on my trooper healer (Um, could you be any more specific?)
you know that feeling when u think prepared for exam (No, I never really felt like I was prepared, even when I was.)
hutt commando (Never! I bet they couldn't even hold an assault cannon with those piddly arms! And I'm pretty sure they never wear underwear to begin with...)

Anyway, to the next 100!


  1. "my boyfriend's beard"?? Really?

    I'll tell you what, Shin, we don't get nearly as many interesting search results as you do!

    1. That's definitely one of those terms that made me wonder why anyone would put that into Google, or if it was accidentally put into the wrong search box somewhere...

  2. Hey Shin.
    I'm a huge fan of yours :) and I read your blog almost every day (or check it at least) I treid swtor out again yesterday after first day since the hutt came, an it was nice again =D but then I looked at achievements and started wondering 'how many does shin have?! Whit all those Alts....' So that's kinda my question =p

    Sorry for posting anonymous...
    - Ria

    1. I had to check just to be able to answer this because I hadn't been paying much attention to my achievements so far! (There's an idea for a post in there somewhere.) Currently I'm sitting on a bit over 8000 points. I have no idea whether that's much or little?

  3. Grats on 200th post! Search terms are just plain weird for blogs. I once mentioned Dragon's Dogma, I've never played it myself - just watched someone. Everyday since then (over a year ago) I've had at least one search for "dragon's dogma solo" come up on my blog. Every. Single. Day. ;-)

  4. Congrats! Not bad for a dirty Rep.


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