Another thing you can do on double XP weekends if you don't care about them: play lots of level fifty warzones and be silly with emotes.

(I already posted this on Twitter and someone else linked it on Reddit, but I figured I might as well put it here too.)

I hope they keep coming up with new dances and such for the Cartel packs, that's one thing for which I don't mind shelling out some credits on the GTN!


  1. Simple concept but I love that video, especially the sync between the dance tempo and the music tempo. Small touches like that take aaaaages!

    With enough time you'd be able to sync the dance move keyframes (if you see what I mean) and have a cross-blur transition that only affected the backgrounds. That would freaking rock! But take forever.... I can't tell whether you've inspired me to try it or condemned me to waste hours of my life!


    1. Yeah, I think that would take some considerably heavier editing, especially due to the lighting and camera angle being just a little bit different in each warzone starter area. For me it was already enough work to make sure that all the cuts transitioned at exactly the right frame to keep the dance moves smooth. :P

      Thanks for the comment!


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