Wiping in EC NiM

With TFB hard more or less on farm (actual clear times still vary wildly depending on group composition on the actual night), the guild has recently turned its eye on EC nightmare for progression. Toth and Zorn as well as the two tanks have both been downed by guild groups once now, but I wasn't there for either of those kills. I only got to venture into EC NiM for the first time last Monday, and we didn't get any of the bosses down then.

Still, it was kind of fun regardless. To be honest I thought that I'd be kind of sick of Explosive Conflict by now, considering how many times I've run it on both story and hard mode, 8- and 16-man, but somehow it was still entertaining. That's another post idea right there actually: "things in SWTOR that I thought wouldn't be fun, but somehow they are".

I was also kind of anxious about my performance beforehand, and made sure to respec for maximum efficiency, craft myself some exotech stims for that extra boost compared to my reusable Rakata one and so on and so forth. It's kind of weird that I still get so worked up about this stuff after three months in the guild, but many of my guildies are just such good players that I feel I really have to continuously push myself to keep up. That's not a bad thing, it's just a bit strange to feel a bit like the struggling noob again after all the time I've spent raiding in MMOs.

Anyway, as I said I had a good time despite of all the wipes, and I decided to make an "educational" two-minute video about what wiping in EC NiM was like, for the benefit of those that haven't got to go yet. The guildies I showed it to alternated between amused and confused. I liked how our PvP officer commented: "Is PvE all about medpacks?"

(FYI, there's a rather unique but IMO also strange mechanic on nightmare that requires you to use a medpac at the start of the fight or you die, meaning you won't have that cooldown available later on when you might actually want to use one. Maybe Bioware's metrics were showing them that people were using a lot of medpacks on this fight and this seemed like an interesting way to increase difficulty? It seems rather unusual to me anyway.)

Warning: video contains some swearing.


  1. Hahaha, that's an awesome video! A good contrast to the usual "look at us, we're cool and we're having a really cool soundtrack in the background" vid. And O_O @ having to use a medpac before starting the fight, what's that for a mechanic? xD

    1. A good contrast to the usual "look at us, we're cool and we're having a really cool soundtrack in the background" vid

      Hehe, I do make those for the guild as well, but I figure they're not as interesting/entertaining to people who weren't actually there. ;)


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