Silly Guild Names

Guild names are a funny beast. A lot of them are honestly fairly generic: there's the Single Abstract Noun, the Pretentious Latin Name, and all kinds of combinations of certain "cool" sounding words along the lines of Angels/Crusaders/Knights of Darkness/Light/some random place. There are even random guild name generators that will wield results along those lines. That's not meant to be dismissive of guild names like that; I'm just saying that they don't tend to stand out.

My favourite guild names to encounter out in the world are therefore ones that are punny or relate to something in the game in a funny manner. In WoW I remember getting a good laugh out of frequently seeing people in battlegrounds who sported the guild tag "PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMAS". I still don't know whether this was meant to express someone's actual sentiments about the game at the time of creation or whether it was intended to sound absurd from the start.

In SWTOR, the main inspiration for coming up with amusing guild names seem to be puns on the word "Sith". Unfortunately most of them aren't really very funny (in my opinion) because they are too obvious and crude, along the lines of "I sith in my pants". I did chuckle though when the group finder teamed me up with someone from the "Ministry of Sithly Walks" the other day.

"Jedi" is a bit more difficult to fit into a punny name I believe, as I haven't seen as many guild names incorporating it in an amusing fashion. However, when I finally saw someone from "Peanut Butter Jedi Time" in a warzone it totally made my day.

There are other Star Wars references to be made as well of course, which on my server includes such gems as "Wookie Tango Foxtrot" and "Ewok'alypse Now".

What are other interesting guild names people have spotted in TOR?


  1. The best guild name ever? "Scum and Villainy" from Shien.

    1. Congratulations on getting in before anyone else could say "my own guild of course"! ;P

    2. Edit: Apparently it erased the guild names I put in! Stupid alligator symbols!

      It was still a pretty good guild name :( Oh, as for the post, most of the Imp guilds are like "Darkness Rising" or "Evil Empire" or "Sith Acolytes" or something else that's douchey. But the two guild names that absolutely stand out to me are "Kaas Community College" and "Coruscant Technical Institute". Saw those in early access week and about lost my shit.

  2. One I saw the other day that made me laugh was "We Haz Cookies", as in "Join the Dark Side, we have cookies!"


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