A Little Music Video

Remember back when I complained that there weren't enough fan-made SWTOR videos out there? Well, I've decided to take things into my own hands and start making my own! (Read: Hey! Guess who got Fraps and Sony Vegas Movie Studio for her birthday?) Unfortunately for you, I'm a total noob at video creation so the results may not be that impressive for a while, but hopefully I will learn. For now, behold a little music video dedicated to my love of playing Huttball as a Sage (and to Luka Sene's old PvP community)!

Just don't ask me when and why I ended up connecting Korean girl pop to Huttball. The internet does strange things to people. At least my guild leader conceded that while he considered the choice of music "strange", it still works somehow.

As an aside, watching video recordings of myself in PvP was quite a blow to my ego. I never thought that I was awesome at it, but I wasn't aware that I spent that much time running into environmental obstacles or just standing around not casting anything...


  1. I am sad. What I saw was actually a pretty good little video; I was EXPECTING a video like "How To Paladin": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-zKjYVploo

    Please stop making good videos and instead concentrate on sped-up footage of consular dancing and inane music. KTHX.

    ^ps the above was sarcasm.

    1. Lol, How To Paladin... don't give me ideas. :P

    2. If you don't do it, I will.


      Starring: Targeter

  2. Nice video, I've subscribed :) making videos is fun.

    BTW, I know EXACTLY what you mean about not realising how many little mistakes you make. When I made raiding videos, I often noticed that when watching the replays (and not having to maintain any rotations), I'd immediately see the fire. But the "me" on screen as Ruddles the bear or cat would often seem to take AGES to move out. It's easy to be tough on yourself and think OMG how awful I am, but of course in-game at that moment when I was apparently doing eff-all except standing in the fire, I may actually have been simultaneously yelling on vent, trying to time a shift-out and battle res, watching my rip / rake / mangle / SR / combo pt / TF / zerk / energy bars, and (possibly) gulping a beer at the same time.

    Moral: don't judge your video playbacks too harshly. After all, you can always edit out any *really* horrible mistakes. I always did!


    1. Yeah, my original plan for this video was to include some screw-ups as well to poke fun at myself, but as it turned out I had more than enough footage of me doing well - and it was more fun to make myself look cool. ;P


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