10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots

Let's have a thing! Back when the sixth screenshot meme was going around, I didn't have that many shots of the game to post yet, but I've been working hard on growing my collection. Unfortunately I'm bad at finding excuses to insert pictures into my posts, so I'll simply make one up: let's have one of those "X days of blah" things! In this case, 10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots.

I'll post these over the course of the next couple of weeks, in-between my normal posts, but other people are welcome to join in as well of course. You can post just one screenshot or many, raw or edited, with or without commentary, as long as it was actually taken by you.

Here are the themes for the ten days:

Day 1: Bugs
Let's start the challenge off the same way the game started off: somewhat buggy. The most annoying ones are usually hard to take screenshots of, but personally I've also seen plenty of bugs and glitches that were very obvious and often funny.

Day 2: Class Stories
Share one or more screenshots of your class story, preferably without massive spoilers.

Day 3: Companions
Show us your favourite minion(s) doing what they usually do.

Day 4: Missions & Conversations
I found that with the more involved dialogue and little cut scenes in SWTOR, I sometimes take screenshots of missions that would otherwise be quite mundane, but the game manages to transform them into something bigger and more interesting.

Day 5: Gear
Show us your favourite piece of gear or outfit - or one that you hated but wore anyway (at least for a while) because of the stats.

Day 6: Environments
Picture(s) from your favourite planet or maybe a neat little corner somewhere that most people overlook but that you think is interesting.

Day 7: Team
Like most MMOs, SWTOR is the most fun in a group! Show us your team, however you define that term in this game.

Day 8: Memorable Moments
A challenge you were proud to overcome, or something that really impressed or entertained you.

Day 9: Silly
The previous days might have contained some silly screenshots already, but since you can never have too many silly screenshots, this is the day to fit in any remaining ones that didn't go with previous themes!

Day 10: Death
Dying in SWTOR is not that unusual and you have to get used to it. Got any screenshots of interesting places and times your character died?

(As an aside, this is my 50th post on this blog. Hurrah!)

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