Calm Before The Storm

So, 1.2.

Part of me has been wanting to write about it ever since the guild summit, but I've never been good at going through pages upon pages of patch notes and commenting on them. Hell, I'm not even good at reading pages upon pages of patch notes.

Also, I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited about 1.2 to begin with.


Before you jump to any conclusions, let me explain. Many people really seemed to be looking forward to 1.2 simply because they were hoping that it would fix all their problems, implying that they were actually pretty unhappy with things to begin with. So when I'm saying that I wasn't that excited about 1.2, all I mean to say is that I was having fun with the game as it was. Sure, more content is good, but honestly, the stuff that's already there was keeping me busy enough. (Though I was looking forward to seeing Eternity Vault get some bug fixes.)

Still, logging in late last night after work was pretty cool. It was nice to see the fleet busier than it had been for a while, and people were discussing PvP changes and the new flashpoint in general chat. Personally, I've always been pretty bad at getting to the meat of a new content patch quickly, as I'm way too easy to distract by random changes. In practice this means that instead of having a look at the new flashpoint or trying out the new dailies, I spent most of the evening running laps around the station going "ooh, shiny": What do those coloured icons above people's characters mean? Do we have a guild bank yet? Look, with this new emote I can make fire under your bum! (Cue guild master: Don't do that, it'll explode if he farts.)

I fiddled with my family tree for a bit, but couldn't decide where to put everyone just yet. I really found myself wishing that I could connect my tree to those of other players, because it would feel much more natural to make my little Sith inquisitor the sister of one of the zabraks in the guild for example instead of wondering how she relates to my cyborg trooper. I'm not sure what it says about a new feature if you immediately want more out of it than it can offer. Is it unfinished or is it so good that you can't get enough of it?

Most of my evening however was spent crafting and reverse-engineering. I really like how they streamlined the entire process and made it more transparent. Do I really need to know the blue and purple versions of every low-level stim there is? No, but it's something that appeals to my inner collector in a way that mounts or mini-pets never did, and I was actually having oodles of fun with it.

I have no doubt that I'll enjoy this patch - it will just take me a while to get around to looking at all of it.

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