Sixth Screenshot Meme

Most appropriately, I typoed the title of this post as Sith Screenshot Meme at first.

Anyway, the sixth screenshot meme is still going around and spreading across different gaming blogs - I already did it for WoW, but now I got tagged by Liore and Njessi to do it on here as well!

Unlike my WoW folder, the one for SWTOR screenshots is still pretty small simply because I've only been playing the game for two months, so I'll actually stick to just posting the sixth screenshot in there. It's this one:

... and it shows me interacting with some guildies for the first time in a run of Hammer Station.

Usually I'm not one to tag other people to do this kind of thing, but I'll at least try to pass it on to a few this time. How about:

Telwyn from GamingSF (when he (she?) comes back from AFKness)
Maldwiz from Shades of Grey (to coax another post out of him)
DraconianOne from Get the girl, Kill the baddies

Three is half of six, that's got to count for something, right?


  1. Oha ... and thanks, I guess!

    I do have several posts in line so to speak, but I was very busy at work this month and spent the little spare time I had playing SW:TOR.

    I will do my best to honour your request, even though I don't have any SW:TOR screenshots ... yet. Maybe I could use some old ones from WoW.

  2. Doh, I completely missed this somehow when I came back. Found a link to it on my blog stats today. It'd be a bit meme-necromancy'ish to reply now! ;-)


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