Twas The Night Before Hutt-mas

... and all throughout the guild people were excited! I sure love how major game updates stir things up. Things had been kind of quiet in the guild as of late, with operations dying down due to lack of interest so shortly before a level cap increase, and internal disagreements about guild politics putting a bit of a dampener on some people's good moods (including mine).

But on days like today there is a certain magic in the air that seems to affect people whether they know it or not. We had several guildies come out of the woodwork for the first time in months, even if they didn't even know about RotHC's early access launch tomorrow. I should have screenshotted the conversation that went something like this:

Guildie A: Hi guys! I'm back!
Me: Wow, hi! Not seen you in ages, you back for the expansion?
Guildie A: What expansion?
Guildie B: Ooh, do we know the release date for that yet?
Me: The expansion that launches tomorrow...
Both of them: Oh...

I actually felt at a bit of a loss in terms of how to prepare for tomorrow. As I said in my pre-expansion thoughts post, not that much is going to change as far as I can tell. I already made sure to not have too many spare commendations lying around and sold most of my previously valuable crafting materials for some extra cash weeks ago. Now what?

The "in" thing to do seemed to be filling up your mission log with completed daily quests, ready to be handed in for a bit of an experience boost as soon as we can start levelling again tomorrow. I had the following conversation about this with Pet Tank:

Me: Some people have been doing dailies just to fill their logs with completed quests for an early XP boost. Crazy!
PT: Mm-hmm.
Me: Like, seriously.
PT: So, shall we do it too?
Me: Sure, why not.

This was a bit of a funny one for me because this is the kind of thing that I've never done in WoW and should logically have even less reason to do in this game, considering that I like levelling and am not in any particular hurry. However, what did eventually sway me was the fact that pretty much every bit of beta information that I read about Makeb said that the new planetary quests on their own wouldn't be enough to get you all the way to fifty-five and that you'd have to supplement your experience gains with dailies or other activities to reach the new level cap. So I figured: if I have to do dailies to level anyway, I might as well do some now already.

So we spent a good chunk of the afternoon today travelling all over the place to fill our logs, and we weren't the only ones as we had to fight for spawns pretty much everywhere, even on old Belsavis. I don't recall having to wait for Ratattaki to respawn since the days when half of them were evade-bugged. It was still pretty fun though. My favourite bit was when we tried to help a guildie out with his HK questline in Section X and somehow managed to temporarily get stuck in his phase on the Fatality (even after he had left the group). Good times.

However, all good things have to come to an end, and since I was really tired I didn't even wait for the server to shut down before logging off, especially as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, even without having to worry about the changes to the game. Still, I can't wait to be able to log on after the maintenance tomorrow and hopefully find the servers both stable (fingers crossed) and bustling with activity. See you all in the brave new world of 2.0!


  1. Don't prepare.

    Live the moment.

    So sayeth the Once and Future Smuggler.

  2. Damn, I never thought of stacking dailies. Maybe I need to cut back on the beer.....


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