The Inventory Shuffle

For all the exciting new features that came with 2.9, I have to confess that the thing that I've been focused on the most so far has probably been the task of shuffling my possessions around. Don't judge me!

I believe that the joy of organising your inventory is one of those things that you either get or you don't - either it's something you can relate to because you do it yourself (at least to a certain extent) or you just consider the happy item shuffler insane for wasting their time making sure that all their gear is arranged in just the right order. I'm definitely in the former camp.

As such, I've been loving the addition of the account bank, but... sadly it isn't really enough for me. It's adequate, but I still want more account-wide space. I unlocked all five tabs and filled them up with one stack of each crafting material in the game, one stack of each type and rank of companion gift, a bunch of other things... and then the whole thing was full, leaving me with the problematic question of what to do with everything else.

It's not that I don't have space. Consolidating things like the companion gifts inside the account bank has freed up a lot of room in my characters' individual cargo holds. But the way I'm going to use that space has to make sense in my head.

You see, before the introduction of legacy storage, I had settled on a sort of unofficial system. Most of my characters had two to three bank tabs, with the first one being dedicated to crafting materials for their crew skills (if applicable) and various personal possessions (such as nice pieces of armour bound to the character), and the second tab housed all that bloody legacy armour that Bioware gave out with the launch of Galactic Starfighter.

Now I've taken most of the crafting materials out of the individual cargo holds, but I generally owned more than one stack of everything, so there were a lot of leftovers that didn't fit into the account bank. But which individual should get to keep what, keeping in mind that I want my mats to stay with the character who's most likely to use them and that I still want to be able to find things later? Decisions, decisions. And many opportunities to log back and forth between alts to move things around.

I'm still not quite done, as there are a couple of characters with whom I haven't really done anything since 2.9, but I'm slowly getting there.

All that other content? Uh... I'll get around to it, honest!

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  1. I too love Legacy storage. My situation is not quite as big as yours, but I have a tab for crafting materials and gifts. Makes things so much easier and more streamlined.


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